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Roboquest » Roboquest – Release Date Announcement

Hey guardians!

Roboquest will officially launch on the 7th of November 2023!

As a reminder, the full 1.0.0 version will include:

  • More levels
  • Final boss and final level
  • A new class
  • New weapons, new perks
  • Gadget rework
  • Quest / Secret / NPCs
  • Power Crystals
  • Data-Logs
  • Final Cinematics
  • Game polish overall
  • Performance update overall
  • And more

We discussed those points in a previous devblog, read here:

In addition and for those who are playing via the Microsoft store (or the Gamepass), the Multiplayer issues will be solved.

But, this is only the beginning for Roboquest. We will keep updating the game.
Here are a few things we’re thinking about right now:

  • Implement some kind of “late game”, basically things to do after you finished the game.
  • Add more content in the game (more classes, perks, weapons etc.)
  • Implement some kind of “Wrench sink” – the ability to spend your Wrenches once you already unlocked all of the basecamp

Right now, we do not have more details to discuss regarding this since we’re fully focused on the release itself. But these are the things we started brainstorming about.

Let’s touch a few words on some of the issues or requests you’ve been reporting and asking about.

  • Mouse Input Issues: We implemented a speculative fix for that, we received good reports so far but we’ll continue to monitor the issue.
  • In-run Save System: We’re still unsure if we’ll manage to get this done but we’ll look into it after the 1.0.
  • Multiplayer Issues: We currently have several issues with multiplayer sessions and IDs (aside from the Microsoft issue) and we think the overall stability should be much better when the 1.0 releases.

Also, a reminder: Roboquest will be on sale on launch.

And that’s it 😀

Happy robot bashing guardians, and stay tuned, you might hear from us before the 7th!