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Roboquest » Roboquest – Progress, Playtest and Pricing

The playtest phase has ended and the playtest branch is no longer available!

Hey Guardians!

We’re here to keep you in touch about our progress and discuss a few things regarding price increase, price adjustments and the playtest.

Preparing for 1.0 Launch

We’re nearly at the finish line with Roboquest. We still need to fix things on the latest build following your feedback and our data. And we also have plenty of things to do for everything around it, may it be trailers, reaching out to press and influencers and everything you might imagine to make a successful launch.

We can’t announce the release date yet but it’s starting to shape up.

Thanks to the playtesters, we’ve gathered a lot of feedback and fixed many issues. And most of the feedback has been positive. We can only hope that you will all enjoy the full release as much as our playtesters! Or even more yet, since it should be more stable and balanced (hopefully?!).

In any case we’re nearing the end, and what a journey it has been. But let’s stop here because those words are probably for another day. Like when we actually release the game. And we have other things to discuss today.

We wanted to give you guys a heads-up before we make some changes, so here’s what’s coming up:

Playtest Closing

We’ll be closing the Playtest Monday the 2nd of October.

This weekend marks your last opportunity to experience the 1.0.0 version of Roboquest before its official launch.

If you haven’t had a chance to dive into the playtest yet, or if you encountered any pesky bugs and crashes that prevented you from playing, or even if you just want more Robo-action, this weekend is your chance.

We’re still in need of your feedback, and your support has already been a game-changer for us so far.

Roboquest Price Increase
+ Regional Price Adjustment

Starting from October 2nd, the price of Roboquest will be going up from $19.99 to $24.99.

As you may recall we mentioned the price increase for launch, and we’re making that move a tad earlier. And just to clarify, if you already own the game, this change won’t affect you at all.

We need to make this change early so that we’re able to run a launch discount following Steam’s pricing rules – and running a launch discount can be super important for a successful and very visible launch. We hope you don’t mind that we’re making that change earlier than expected.

As part of the price update we are re-visiting our regional pricing. We realize that last time we did this it was… confusing (some would say controversial, and we would probably agree). So we’re going to try again and hopefully find a better balance.

How exactly will prices be affected? Well, most prices will increase in line with the $19.99 -> $24.99 update but some local prices will actually decrease.

We want to be fully transparent in case you’re planning on buying Roboquest soon, so below we are posting the full list of prices that will come into effect on Monday:
(note that the game will be on sale when it officially launches)

  • Canada 34.99 CAD
  • Australia 39.99 AUD
  • United Kingdom 19.99 GBP
  • EU 24.99 EUR
  • United States 24.99 USD
  • Poland 109.99 PLN
  • Hong Kong 199.99 HKD
  • New Zealand 44.49 NZD
  • Norway 279.99 NOK
  • United Arab Emirates 89.99 AED
  • Switzerland 24.99 CHF
  • Israel 99.99 ILS
  • South Korea 30,000 KRW
  • Japan 3,339.99 JPY
  • Singapore 29.99 SGD
  • Taiwan 719.00 TWD
  • South Africa 349.99 ZAR
  • Kuwait 5.79 KWD
  • Qatar 64.99 QAR
  • Saudi Arabia 64.99 SAR
  • Argentina 4,999.00 ARS
  • Uruguay 499.00 UYU
  • Costa Rica 6,999.00 CRC
  • Colombia 53,399.00 COP
  • Brazil 64.99 BRL
  • Chile 11,899.00 CLP
  • Peru 49.99 PEN
  • Mexico 229.99 MXN
  • China 78.99 CNY
  • Turkey 289.99 TRY
  • Kazakhstan 4,999.00 KZT
  • Ukraine 389.99 UAH
  • CIS 9.99 USD
  • Russia 1,019.00 RUB
  • India 879.99 INR
  • Philippines 599.99 PHP
  • Malaysia 49.99 MYR
  • Indonesia 159,999.00 IDR
  • Thailand 379.99 THB
  • Vietnam 257,999.00 VND
  • South Asia 9.99 USD

(reminder that those will be the updated prices for the 10/2/2023)

That’s it for today

We’ll be back with more news regarding the launch.

In the meantime, we wish you the best of robot smashing.





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