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Roboquest » Roboquest – Play 1.0 now!

Hello Guardians.

It’s a great pleasure to finally be able to tell you that…

The version 1.0 of Roboquest is now live and available on all platforms.

Watch the release trailer:

Roboquest is available on Steam, Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Epic Game Store and GeForce Now. And cross-platform is enabled across all of those.

Roboquest is also launching here on Steam with an initial 20% discount!

But what’s coming in 1.0?

We’ve already discussed this multiple times but there we go again:

  • More levels
  • Final boss and final level
  • A new class
  • New weapons, new perks
  • Gadget rework
  • Quest / Secret / NPCs
  • Power Crystals
  • Data-Logs
  • Final Cinematics
  • Game polish overall
  • Performance update overall
  • Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards / Badges / Emojis
  • And more

You can find the full 1.0 patch-notes here for more details (note that some new features and additions aren’t fully explained to allow you to discover them without spoilers).

Progress Reset

You will start fresh, with a fully new progress in 1.0.

This was a subject we talked about several times before already but for the sake of clarity, we will explain our choice of resetting the progress once again:

  • We’re adding achievements to the game, and we didn’t have the architecture to support those in the first place, meaning we can’t retroactively track their progress. Therefore, if we wouldn’t reset your progress, you wouldn’t be able to unlock certain achievements.
  • We’ve reworked some of the basecamp progression as well as added a new progression feature in the game. Your previous save profile can’t be ported to the new version.
  • We could have decided to give you Wrenches back but the flow of Wrenches gain has changed and the price of upgrades at the basecamp have changed. In order not to have a biased experience (and one that doesn’t fit what we cooked for so long), we decided not to.
  • Lots of the things you’ve been unlocking (mostly gadgets and classes) are now unlocked in a slightly (or completely different) manner, leaving them unlocked would be weird (or straight up malfunction for certain things). Also, we think the excitement of unlocking those in the new way is well worth the loss.
  • Finally, the overall progression flow and feel are different than before. And we really wanted to let you experience those as we consider them to be way more refined and pleasing than before.

Known Issues

Unfortunately, we just recently spotted 2 issues that went under our radar:

  • On all platforms: Unlocking Achievements while in offline mode, then reconnecting to online mode won’t grant you the achievements. We are working on a fix to make offline achievements trackable and to also retro-actively validate the ones you unlocked while playing offline while this issue was present. But some of the achievements will require you to unlock them again.
  • On Microsoft platforms: Connecting to a brobot (whether through matchmaking or session ID) will take a longer time than usual. Some attempts might even time out and fail, leading to a connection error. In which case a workaround would be to retry the connection until it works (there is no need to close the game to attempt to reconnect). That specific issue will arise whenever a Microsoft user will attempt to connect to another player (regardless of that other player’s platform).

Of course, we’re already preparing a patch to fix those issues and we apologize for the inconvenience meanwhile.

The Future of Roboquest

But what about after the 1.0?

We will continue to update the game. We already have plans for more, but nothing solid enough to share them, yet.

We will obviously fix any potential issues and stuff like that. But alongside that, we also plan to have free content updates. To be defined what this content is going to be.

The first patch will come around January with the plan of doing a huge balance patch depending on your feedback and our data. This will be a very light patch in terms of additional content but we intend to share some kind of roadmap with you at that time.

There are also a few things you guys have been asking during EA but that we didn’t manage to add to the game yet, like “Save during run” and that’s something we’ll be looking into (probably not for January though).

And we could be stopping the announcement here… but after so much time working on Roboquest, we felt like there were other things we wanted to discuss.

The Journey

Nine years ago, we were a few students and a teacher with a dream.

Three years ago, we were releasing our game in Early Access.

A few months ago, we were 20-ish people aiming to press “publish” for our first game.

This was a crazy, wild and long run. Roboquest has been through so many different things over the past years when we first started it in 2015. Lots of people might think “8 years to release a game?!”. But the Roboquest from back then wasn’t the one you’re playing now. It was vastly different, and wasn’t up to the standard we set to ourselves in the beginning.

We were learning Unreal Engine, we were learning programming, art and every other thing tied to game development and project management like producing, marketing etc. And we restarted the game several times from scratch to reach the version we’re releasing today.

We’re so glad to finally hit the finish line. Or at least our first great finish line.

The Guardians

And all of this wouldn’t have been possible without you, early Guardians.

You’ve been supportive of us from the get go and alongside the entire journey.

Every single message, encouragement, feedback and little bit of your time you gave us was inspirational, motivational and helped us carry on forward.

You can’t imagine how much a single message helps. Let it be all of your messages.

We poured our souls into Roboquest, as a game but also as a life project. It wasn’t easy, it was never a given. We had to adapt to every situation, we had to make sacrifices, we had to learn basically everything. There were a few critical moments, but to be fair there were even more beautiful moments. We saw Roboquest clicking with us as a gaming experience, then we saw it click with you guys. We’ve seen the reviews you’ve left us, we’ve seen the result of our work. And it was amazing, it was a blast, it was probably one, if not the best experience of our life for many of us here at RyseUp Studios.

The words “thank you” are the ones we should use, but they really don’t encompass how grateful we are that you’ve been following and supporting us for so long. Yet, we only have those.

So thank you, thank you all, and thanks again. We can only hope the 1.0 version of Roboquest will be up to your standards and will provide the gaming experience we were envisioning so long ago and refined along the way with you.

Community Translators

Among the early guardians, there were also people who devoted their time and expertise to translating the game in other languages. Spending lots of time coping up with our mistakes and helping us refine the texts of the game (which, let’s say, could sometimes be all over the place). Their support never wavered, they were responsive, understanding and above all professionals. Some of them are still with us now, and they delivered the localization of the 1.0 texts in a much more professional way than any outsourcing localization agency we’ve been working with. And probably with more passion poured into their work than any non-related partner might. We hope it will show.

Some of them even brought the game to Reddit, to Wikis or to their home country by translating every bit of news and devblogs we were publishing. Helping bring Roboquest to even more people.

To those people, we can say that we almost felt like you were part of our team. We tried to always think of you this way so that we act accordingly to facilitate your work and put you in a situation where you’re comfortable. If you’re reading those lines, we hope that you feel as proud as we are to have worked on Roboquest. You can be, you must be. Thank you too, or thank you much.

So, this release is both the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. And we expect the new one to be as exciting as the finishing one, if not more!

There wouldn’t be a better way to end this announcement but to wish you all, the best of 1.0 robot-smashing time!

See you soon Guardians, and stay tuned!

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