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Roboquest » Roboquest – Ask the Devs!

Hello Guardians!

The release is near and we wanted to take this opportunity to do something a little bit different than what we usually do.

This Friday, the 27th of October, at 4pm GMT+1, we will be hosting an AMA on Reddit.
(Link to the Reddit thread)

We’ll be going over the questions you posted there between now and Friday and we’ll also be answering questions you post during the AMA.

The AMA will start at 4pm and we’ll probably stay for one hour, or more if you have lots of questions.

Who will attend? Well, I’ll be there to see how things are going and Aime (Creative/Artistic Director) and Renaud (Game Director) will hop on board to answer your questions.

Questions can be anything, ranging from our development process, food or pets to the launch itself or even post-launch. We reserve ourselves the right to remain vague on certain subjects, but we’ll try our best to avoid that and answer everything as well as we can.

If you’re interested in Roboquest, RyseUp or game development in general, don’t hesitate to go directly on the thread and drop your question(s). You may also join us directly on on Friday to see us answer the questions live.

We won’t be streaming anything, we’ll just lurking on the Reddit, watching and answering your posts 🙂

We hope you’re interested in the AMA and we hope you have questions for us.

In the meantime and as usual, we wish you the best robo-smashing experience.

(Link to the Reddit thread)





If you have a question about the game, you can find the FAQ here on the Steam forums. And if your question is not answered there, make sure to ask us in the community forums or on our Discord server (where you can interact directly with us!).