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Roboquest » Roboquest – 1.0 Patch Notes

Find the Roboquest 1.0 launch announcement here.

Find below the detailed patch-notes of the 1.0 Roboquest update.


These languages are available in the 1.0 update:
• English
• Simplified Chinese
• Traditional Chinese
• Russian
• Korean
• Japanese
• Portuguese Brazilian
• Spanish
• Hungarian
• Bulgarian
• German
• Italian
• French

Known Issues in 1.0

Unfortunately, we just recently spotted 2 issues that went under our radar:

  • On all platforms: Unlocking Achievements while in offline mode, then reconnecting to online mode won’t grant you the achievements. We are working on a fix to make offline achievements trackable and to also retro-actively validate the ones you unlocked while playing offline while this issue was present. But some of the achievements will require you to unlock them again.
  • On Microsoft platforms: Connecting to a brobot (whether through matchmaking or session ID) will take a longer time than usual. Some attempts might even time out and fail, leading to a connection error. In which case a workaround would be to retry the connection until it works (there is no need to close the game to attempt to reconnect). That specific issue will arise whenever a Microsoft user will attempt to connect to another player (regardless of that other player’s platform).

Of course, we’re already preparing a patch to fix those issues and we apologize for the inconvenience meanwhile.


• Speculative Fix: Mouse inputs should no longer fail to register (leading to not shooting your weapon).

Developers’ Notes: We’ve been on the hunt for this bug since a while now. If you were experiencing this issue before, please make sure to set your display settings to “Fullscreen” prior to testing our implemented fix (as this issue could have two sources: not being in fullscreen or another source relative to your Windows resolution). Our fix should have fixed the “window resolution” issue).

• Added Achievements to the game

New system: Power Crystals!

• A new feature has been added to the game: Power Crystals

New Feature: Quests!

• You can encounter various friendly robots in the game
• Each of this robot has a specific quest for you
• Finding and bringing specific items or performing specific actions is usually required to complete a quest
• Quests unlock various gameplay elements (from level keys to gadgets and others)

New Feature: Museum!

• Max’ Museum is a new structure in the basecamp
• You can consult everything you’ve encountered in Roboquest in the Museum
• You can consult your run history, watch cinematics, have a world overview or track your stats
• You can view every single enemy and weapons, only once you’ve unlocked their specific card
• Each enemy has a chance to drop its card when taken down
• Each weapon needs a specific amount of damage dealt to unlock its card


• Added Achievements to the game
• Reduced Wrench gain per level completed
• Enemies now drop Wrenches to compensate
• Enemies now drop weapons by default
• We removed the “Metal Detector” gadget as a result


• Renamed “Heroes” difficulties to “Guardian”
• Removed “Heroes+6” difficulty
• Renamed “Heroes+1” to “Hard”
• “Heroes+2” to “Heroes+5” difficulties are now called “Guardian I” to “Guardian IV”
• “Guardian IV” is the new final difficulty level
• Increased the difficulty amplitude between two difficulty levels
• Higher difficulty levels now also replaces some basic enemies by harder ones
• Updated the difficulty selector interface
• Increased the difficulty scaling in multiplayer
• Enemy damage reduced in Discovery difficulty from -40% to -50%
• Enemy damage reduced in Easy difficulty from -20% to -25%
• Reduced multiplayer health scaling for all enemies by approximately 10%


• Jump height now scales with movement speed (faster the movement, higher the jump)

Developers’ Notes: For a long time buffing your movement speed was only increasing the horizontal distance you would cover with a jump. We tried out a few things internally recently and realized it would feel way better to also grant a little bit of vertical boost to your jumps once you start stacking movement speed bonuses. We hope you’ll like this change as much as we did.

• Increased health restored by the Heal-Bot
• Modified the base inputs for “Open Perk Selector”, “Drop Weapon” and “Ping” (this should prevent players that didn’t modify those inputs to accidentally drop their weapon)


• Improved gamepad aiming system
• Added a new gamepad option for aim-assist
• Removed some obsolete gamepad options
• Added anchors for gamepad assist for several enemies that were missing one or one that was inconvenient
• The user interface is now fully compatible with the gamepad


• Added a “difficulty selector” to the matchmaking
• Updated the multiplayer interface in the basecamp


• Fully updated the tutorial to contain the most important (yet basic) game mechanics (such as the Powerslide)
• Added new tutorial panels when returning to the basecamp after unlocking new game mechanics (such as the Power Crystals or the Sunglasses)
• Added a new “difficulty recommendation” system to help you select your starting difficulty
• Max is now fully animated during the tutorial


• A new class has been added to the game: the Elementalist
• We won’t spoil anything more, you’ll have to unlock it in the game to find out
• Reduced the requirements to unlock the Engineer from reaching basecamp level 4 to level 3
• Reduced the requirement to unlock the Commando from taking down 1,000 robots to 750
• Increases the requirement to unlock the Recon from taking down any boss in Act 1 to Act 2

Developers’ Notes: This should ensure a different unlock order for classes, based more on difficulty to play and flair than our previous arbitrary order.

• Updated perks for most classes
• Added new perks to all classes
• You can now preview any perks you’ve already picked in a run directly in the class selector
• Fixed an issue with the Recon dash in multiplayer which was very slow when playing as the client
• Removed the automatic gather range for the Ranger’s Javelin

Developers’ Notes: It sometimes led to players missing their shot against very far away enemies because the Javelin was being automatically picked up due to the range limit before it actually hit the targeted enemies.

Balance Changes

• Damage increased from 50.0 to 55.0


• Cooldown increased from 7.0 to 8.0


• Damage increased from 50.0 to 55.0
• Impact force decreased from 66.0 to 65.0
• Explosion radius increased from 1.6m to 1.8m
• Slightly reduced their impact force


• Damage increased from 80.0 to 90.0
• Impact force increased from 100.0 to 120.0
• Explosion radius increased from 2.0m to 2.1m
• Cooldown decreased from 9.0 to 8.0
• Damage increased from 12.0 to 13.0


• Damage increased from 70.0 to 75.0



• 6 new weapons have been added to the game
• Dual Rascals
• Gorilla Bolter
• Kaboom Grenade
• Dual LMG
• The Shovel
• Dual Boomsticks
• We modified or updated all weapon names to have more flair to them
• Updated the gunfeel of several weapons
• Tweaked the balance of some weapon affixes
• Tweaked the balance of some weapon alt-fires
• The Handgun, Buddybot and The Shovel are always of the “Common” rarity (but there’s a new way to get them to a fantastic state)
• Weapons found in the Starter Pack can no longer be Fantastic

Developers’ Notes: This will make sure players are not incentivized to restart the run until they get a Fantastic weapon to start their run with.

• Reduced the cost to upgrade weapons at Smithing Joe
• Increased the range gained by weapon level from 10% to 12.5%

Developers’ Notes: The more you progress in the different levels of the game, the bigger areas become and we felt like weapons were out of range a tad too often. A simple 2.5% boost per level fixed that issue.

Energy Weapons

• When a gameplay description refers to “Reloading” it now applies to both the action of Reloading and Cooling a weapon
• The duration needed to cool energy weapons now depends on the current amount of energy consumption

Developers’ Notes: This was a change we made following your feedback and our analysis of the cooling mechanic we modified in the last update.

• Added two cooling scalable animations for energy weapons based on your current energy consumption

Balance Changes
Raptor SMG

• The Assault SMG has been renamed Raptor SMG
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 9.0 to 10.0

Quasar SMG

• The Blast SMG has been renamed Quasar SMG

Junk Rifle

• The Scratch Rifle has been renamed Junk Rifle
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 10.0 to 13.0
• Firerate decreased from 11.11/s to 9.09/s

Windmill Rifle

Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 13.0 to 15.0
• Firerate increased from 6.66/s to 7.14/s

Cosmo Gun

• The Blastgun has been renamed Cosmo Gun
Primary Fire
• Energy cost decreased from 5.0 to 4.5

Rhino LMG

• The Light Machine Gun has been renamed Rhino LMG
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 14.0 to 15.0

Bull Shotgun

• The Pumping Shotgun has been renamed Bull Shotgun
Primary Fire
• Impact force increased from 14.0 to 16.0
• Firerate decreased from 1.66/s to 1.58/s


• The Blunderbuss has been renamed Blunderbuzz

Power Fists

• The Power Gloves has been renamed Power Fists
Primary Fire
• Recoil pattern has been updated
• Modified the behavior of the weapon and its stats


• The Chainsaw has been renamed Shredder
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 18.0 to 20.0


• The Throwing Axe has been renamed Tomahawk
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 68.0 to 66.0
• Impact force decreased from 68.0 to 64.0
• Firerate increased from 1.61/s to 2.0/s

Dual Sawed-Offs

• The Sawed-Offs has been renamed Dual Sawed-Offs


Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 55.0 to 56.0
• Explosion radius increased from 1.2m to 2.1m

Mine Launcher

• The Mine Gun has been renamed Mine Launcher

Elephant Gun

• The Torpedo Gun has been renamed Elephant Gun
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 11.0 to 12.0

Dragoon Mortar

• The Mortar has been renamed Dragoon Mortar

Torpedo Rifle

• The Missile Gatling has been renamed Torpedo Rifle
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 24.0 to 20.0
• Impact force decreased from 26.0 to 19.0
• Firerate decreased from 1.81/s to 1.66/s

Comet Cannon

• The Graviton Launcher has been renamed Comet Cannon
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 52.0 to 50.0
• Firerate decreased from 2.5/s to 2.22/s
• Explosion radius increased from 1.2m to 1.6m
• Energy cost decreased from 10.0 to 8.0

Hornet Bow

• The Longbow has been renamed Hornet Bow

Dart Spitter

• The Rifle Crossbow has been renamed Dart Spitter
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 17.0 to 20.0
• Critical ratio decreased from 2.0 to 1.5

Bandito Gun

• The Revolver has been renamed Bandito Gun
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 46.0 to 52.0
• Added “Bullseye” as a base affix, increasing consecutive critical hits damage
• Critical ratio decreased from 2.0 to 1.75 as a result

Dual Stingers

• The Dual Crossbows has been renamed Dual Stingers
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 36.0 to 42.0
• Impact force increased from 36.0 to 42.0


• Ammo in clip decreased from 8 to 6
• The Throwing Knife has been renamed Kunai
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 28.0 to 30.0
• Critical ratio increased from 3.5 to 3.75

Sheriff’s Carbine

Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 55.0 to 56.0

Scout Sniper

Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 54.0 to 60.0

Junk Arquebus

• The Arquebus has been renamed Junk Arquebus

Igniter Gun

• The Fire Gun has been renamed Igniter Gun

Beluga Cannon

• The Ice Cannon has been renamed Beluga Cannon
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 52.0 to 50.0

Arctic Rifle

• The Cryo Launcher has been renamed Arctic Rifle
Primary Fire
• Firerate increased from 5.0/s to 5.55/s

Tesla Rifle

• The Shock Rifle has been renamed Tesla Rifle
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 9.0 to 8.0

Voltaic Cannon

• The Shock Cannon has been renamed Voltaic Cannon
Primary Fire
• Range increased from 9.0 to 12.0

Splasher Rifle

• The Bubble Splasher has been renamed Splasher Rifle
Primary Fire
• Overall behavior has been modified, now shoots three projectiles every few shots

Volcano Rifle

• The Fire Launcher has been renamed Volcano Rifle

Junk Beam

Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 19.0 to 18.0

Hurricane Rifle

• The Blast Rifle has been renamed Hurricane Rifle

Valkyrie Rifle

• The Assault Rifle has been renamed Valkyrie Rifle
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 10.0 to 11.0

Dual Vipers

• The Dual Guns has been renamed Dual Vipers
Primary Fire
• Recoil pattern has been updated
• Is no longer a burst-mode, stats have been modified accordingly

Vulture Rifle

• The Militia Rifle has been renamed Vulture Rifle
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 13.0 to 18.0
• Impact force increased from 12.0 to 16.0
• Firerate decreased from 2.27/s to 2.08/s
• Burst firerate decreased from 25.0/s to 20.0/s

Typhoon Minigun

• The Blast Minigun has been renamed Typhoon Minigun
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 9.0 to 10.0
• Firerate decreased from 14.28/s to 12.5/s
• Energy cost increased from 1.2 to 1.4

Mammoth Minigun

• The Minigun has been renamed Mammoth Minigun

Ram Shotgun

• The Assault Shotgun has been renamed Ram Shotgun
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 7.0 to 9.0
• Firerate decreased from 3.44/s to 2.94/s

Behemoth Shotgun

• The Triple Shotgun has been renamed Behemoth Shotgun

Orbital Shotgun

• The Blast Shotgun has been renamed Orbital Shotgun
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 11.0 to 12.0
• Impact force increased from 10.0 to 12.0

Sulfator Shotgun

Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 7.0 to 10.0
• Impact force increased from 11.0 to 12.0


• The Barrel Cannon has been renamed Patator

Buffalo Cannon

• Ammo in clip decreased from 8 to 4
• The Rocket Launcher has been renamed Buffalo Cannon
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 70.0 to 96.0
• Impact force increased from 90.0 to 100.0
• Firerate decreased from 1.53/s to 1.25/s
• Projectile speed increased from 5000 to 8000

Flak Cannon

Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 18.0 to 19.0
• Impact force increased from 18.0 to 19.0
Alternate Fire
• Damage increased from 72.0 to 76.0

Pulsar Rifle

• The Pulse Blaster has been renamed Pulsar Rifle

Shark Sniper

• The Elite Sniper has been renamed Shark Sniper
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 86.0 to 96.0
• Critical ratio decreased from 2.25 to 2.0

Ionic Sniper

• The Blast Sniper has been renamed Ionic Sniper

Lynx Rifle

• The Long Rifle has been renamed Lynx Rifle
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 40.0 to 46.0
• Impact force increased from 36.0 to 46.0

Cobra .50

• The Assault Pistol has been renamed Cobra .50
Primary Fire
• Damage increased from 46.0 to 48.0
• Impact force increased from 50.0 to 54.0

Dual Hellions

• The Dual Blast Guns has been renamed Dual Hellions

Mantis Crossbow

• The Elite Crossbow has been renamed Mantis Crossbow

Ionic Palms

• The Blast Palms has been renamed Ionic Palms

Cyclone Rifle

• The Cyclone has been renamed Cyclone Rifle

Meteor Cannon

• The Ball Cannon has been renamed Meteor Cannon
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 115.0 to 105.0
• Charge duration increased from 0.35 to 0.4
• Firerate increased from 1.33/s to 2.0/s
• Projectile speed decreased from 12000 to 9000
• Energy cost decreased from 30.0 to 26.0

Kangaroo Sentry

• The Assault Sentry has been renamed Kangaroo Sentry
Alternate Fire
• Deployed sentries now walk by default (it is no longer an affix)

Razor Launcher

• The Laser Saw has been renamed Razor Launcher
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 16.0 to 14.0
• Impact force decreased from 16.0 to 14.0

Sonic Crossbow

• The Blast Arbalest has been renamed Sonic Crossbow
Primary Fire
• Damage decreased from 48.0 to 44.0
• Impact force decreased from 46.0 to 38.0
• Range decreased from 16.0 to 12.0


• You can now stack any number of gadgets
• Added a “gadget rack” structure in the basecamp to view and toggle gadgets
• Gadgets are now unlocked through in-game quests
• Added a few new gadgets
• Updated and/or created icons for all gadgets
• Jetpack now automatically triggers if you keep holding your jump button, regardless of your amount of jumps remaining
• Jetpack regen. duration increased from 2.5s to 5s

Developers’ Notes: The Jetpack is a pretty powerful tool but we didn’t want to nerf its feeling or movement capacity so we tried to focus on nerfing how much you can use instead of how it feels.

• You can no longer use your jetpack while being propelled by a yellow jumpad


• Updated and/or created icons for all items
• Added over 20 new items to the game
• Deleted or reworked several obsolete or less-fun items
• Items are now slotted in four categories: Common, Uncommon, Fantastic and Corrupted items
• Each rarity has a different cost when purchased from Bazaar Bob
• Bonus/Debuffs are now mostly specific to Corrupted-tier items
• You can find items of different rarities at specific locations in the game


• Renamed several different interactable structures in the basecamp
• Updated/Finished the visuals of the different basecamp evolutions
• Added minimap icons to the different basecamp structures
• Added, removed or updated several basecamp upgrades
• Updated Wrench costs to craft basecamp upgrades


• Enemy elemental resistance no longer reduces damage taken from a given elemental, instead it immunes the enemy to that elemental
• Added over 15 new common enemies
• Added 1 new goliath enemy
• Added 3 new elite enemies
• Removed or updated some common enemies
• Updated health and damage scaling per level and act
• Updated health and damage scaling per difficulty
• Updated the attack patterns and behavior of several enemies
• All enemies now have a unique name
• Stim Flies can no longer buff elite enemies
• Workers are now slower in lower difficulty levels
• Hitting an invulnerable enemy with an on-hit drop effet (like dropping scrap on hit) no longer triggers the effect


• Added the final boss
• Added an hidden boss and a few special encounters
• Updated some of the regular bosses’ patterns
• Diggy Mole will always be the first boss you encounter in Act 1 and then rotate randomly with the other bosses
• Dropping Healing-Cells from melee hits on Bosses now has a cooldown
• Increased boss resistance against Stun and Freeze by 33% (they are longer to stun or freeze)
• Reduced Diggy Mole base health from 3400 to 3300
• Increased Judgeball base health from 4400 to 4800
• Reduced El Mostiko base health from 4600 to 4300

Developers’ Notes: This should just align their overall time-to-kill and not impact too much the difficulty of the fight itself.

• Increases Dr. Turret overall damage by 15%
• El Mostiko’s eggs are now automatically destroyed when Moskito is taken down


• Completely overhauled all the game cinematics with a complete new style
• Added audio to all cinematics
• All cinematics are now localized to your language (if available)
• Added the final cinematic of the game
• All data-logs now contain a short text telling a bit of story regarding the world of Roboquest
• Added missing data-logs
• Updated Max’s visuals (3D models and animations)


• Some secret and locked doors are now considered unlocked persistently for both brobots if one of them opens it
• Added 6 new and special levels
• Improved collision for a better navigation in all levels
• Visually updated several levels
• Fixed lots of out-of-bounds and other level issues
• Updated the layout of several levels
• Updated the time constraints to get S and A rank in several levels
• All previously “Work-in-Progress” doors now lead somewhere
• Modified Haven City layout to contain less useless dead-ends and be more friendly to navigate overall
• Added several hidden or secret areas
• Updated the enemy roster of most levels
• Modified which track is played in several levels
• Adjusted time ranks for several levels


• Added a mention “New!” when facing a perk choice you haven’t chosen before or an item you never equipped
• Updated the main menu visuals
• Added a (very light) screen flash when gathering pick-ups
• Updated and added new game tips
• Updated the visuals for the Cryo and Shock gauge of enemies and bosses

Visual Effects

• Many enemies have received a VFX updated for their attacks
• Added many elemental variations for both enemy and player attacks
• Updated many player VFXs
• Replaced all placeholder VFXs
• Added new VFXs for many elements that just didn’t have one
• Updated and added environmental VFXs


• Added a unique Noisecream track for all new levels
• The soundtrack available on Steam is updated with all the new tracks (including those from the trailer)
• Changed the track used for some of the older levels
• Updated some of the weapon SFXs
• Updated many other SFXs in general
• Added many missing SFXs
• Added SFXs for environmental elements


• Optimized several aspects of the multiplayer
• Optimized LODs and draw calls for almost every environment meshes
• Optimized vegetation rendering and LODs
• Optimized shaders and textures

Bug Fixes

• You are no longer locked in a permanent state of not being able to use your ability if your brobot ends the current level while you were in a challenge room
• ‘No Limit’ FPS will properly uncap FPS and not set them at 200 max
• You can no longer gain health by leveling up while being dead
• Fixed an issue freezing the game when alt-tabbing back to it in Fullscreen
• The game properly stays paused after sending a feedback
• Opening a menu in multiplayer while being hacked no longer leaves the hackbar permanently on your screen
• Fixed a crash occurring with Energy weapons having a ricochet affix
• Alt-tabbing out and back to the game during a cinematic will properly resume the sound
• Fixed an issue soft-locking you in the tutorial
• Fixed an issue locking you in the loading screen in multiplayer if your brobot would disconnect during the loading screen

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