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Roboquest » Roboquest – 1.0.1 Hotfix, QoL and Progression Recovery

Hello Guardians!

We’re here today to release an hotfix fixing some of the issues you’ve been reporting / we’ve been seeing.

In addition to that, we also added a few QoL things to the hotfix as a little bonus.

We will also adress some concerns and other issues that have yet to be tackled.

Some of you have been wondering about future updates and whether or not we’ll be pushing DLCs and content update for Roboquest. The answer is YES!

We will continue to update the game, with free content updates.

The release rhythm will be a bit slower than what you were used to during EA though. We don’t have much details to share for now as we’re working on the release planning and a roadmap to share with you all. No ETA on that.

For now our aim would be a very light update somewhere in January containing mostly balance, fixes and QoL changes, but no huge content addition. Preparing for the incoming year in a healthy game state.
Finally and before we list the changes, we’ve added a way to retrieve the Wrenches you collected during Early Access.

Recovering Early Access Wrenches

Overall, feedback and responses regarding version 1.0 have been very positive. However, the two main criticisms we’ve heard revolve around multiplayer issues and the loss of progress for Early Access players.

As you may be aware, valuing your time and commitment as a player has always been a fundamental part of our philosophy. We couldn’t find a clean and compelling solution to retain your progress, and we believed that resetting it wouldn’t be a significant issue, as we thought it would enhance the overall gameplay experience and allow you to fully explore the 1.0 version of the game (with all the new intertwined progression elements)

We were clearly mistaken, and we completely understand your frustration.

We apologize for the gaming time “lost” due to the complete reset.

We attempted to find a solution, even though it may seem a bit late now. As the saying goes, better late than never, and we have found a way to restore things.

The idea is to retrieve the wrenches and classes you had unlocked from the remaining Early Access save. However, please be aware that the process is a bit unconventional, and it may not work if you don’t have the save file on the same computer as your Early Access version.


While booting up the game for the first time after updating to 1.0.1, you’ll be prompted with a message asking you whether or not you’d like to be refunded the Wrenches you spent during Early Access.

Pressing ‘Yes’ will grant you a number of Wrenches equivalent to the ones spent during your Early Access playthrough.

It will also unlock the Classes you previously unlocked.

It won’t unlock the gadgets though as they are now unlocked through different means. Same goes for difficulty levels since they changed.


People who played during the 1.0 playtest might not be able to retrieve their Wrenches.

Our suggestion

Like we previously said when we announced the progress wipe we really think it’d be better not to retrieve those wrenches and to experience the full 1.0 experience from scratch.

But time is an expansive resource, a finite one, one you can’t retrieve. We understand the issue raised by the progress wipe and that’s why we implemented this wrench retrieval system.

Enforcing the decision to wipe instead of giving you the choice was a mistake and we apologize for that.

We hope that this addition will make it up to you, even if it’s coming a bit late.

Now onto the hotfix itself:

Patch Notes

Important Fixes
  • Cloud Save should now properly work between different devices
  • Fixed issues with long connection times or failed connection attempts for players on Microsoft platforms
  • Fixed the issue where a brobot would properly join and connect your session bit you’d remain in a permanent state of “looking for a brobot”
  • Cleaned up account linking process, linking your accounts to Xbox/Epic/Steam should now properly work
  • Achievements earned while in offline mode will properly register when going back in online mode
  • Playing the free demo on Steam then playing the full game will properly grant you any potential achievements you should have unlocked
  • The soundtrack on Steam has been updated with all tracks
  • Trading Cards and Badges drops have been enabled on Steam

  • Increased bonus wrenches gained by level in Hard difficulty from 1 to 2
  • Snapshot Sam now have a visual effect when showing a weapon to it

Quality of Life

  • You can now bind the same hotkey twice (helps with controller keybinding)
  • You can now chose what type of gamepad buttons to display on screen (Xbox, Playstation or Switch)

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Deployed minions will no longer infinitely gain damage each time they’re being deployed
  • Fixed an issue preventing sounds and music to be played after a cinematic
  • Fixed Max being MIA in the Rift
  • Fixed an issue where you’d be stuck forever in IRIS pt1 if you’d dash right before killing it
  • Removed a hidden hotkey that was used for debug purposes
  • Another attempt at properly sync’ing Elementalist current mantra in multiplayer
  • Playing with inverted mouse look will no longer invert the aim assist while playing with a controller
  • Switching to a difficulty you haven’t completed yet in the selector will properly hide the difficulty icon
  • Unlock feedback can no longer trigger during loading screen
  • Fixed the interaction between Double Tap wouldn’t properly trigger Hot Potatoe and leave you in a state where the perk would no longer trigger properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Wallstreet Slim’s quest could not be completed unless you would already have shown at least one weapon to Snapshot Sam
  • You can no longer earn the Billy Boom achievement if you die before it explodes
  • Fixed multiple OOB and collision issues in various levels
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the Compendium’s World display
  • Fixed two crashes related to sounds on Xbox
  • Fixed a crash ocurring when a brobot disconnects during the first loading
  • Fixed an issue with Hero Cape leaving you unable to jump after triggering it
  • Fixed a rare occurrence of merchants selling both extra Wrenches and Brushido’s brush in the same item slot
  • Fixed an issue where you would hear the music while the game’s running in the background despite having set the music volume to 0

This is the end of the patch notes for today’s hotfix. But we know there are other issues, you’ve been reporting those and we’re on the hunt for them.

Find below the things we’re looking out for:

Other Issues
  • Crashes in general: Many people are reporting the game crashing, especially in multiplayer. While our data show that the game overall is pretty stable, this is by no mean a reason to overlook your reports. We are always implementing fixes and securities to prevent such crashes from happening, even if we do not necessarily detail them in the patch-notes. But each hotfix and update should make the game more stable (hopefully?)
  • Multiplayer issues: While this hotfix will probably alleviate some of those some others might persist. We’ll be continuing to monitor and address those.
  • Other minor bugs: We have a collection of other minor bugs that were reported. While not high on the priority list, we obviously have our eyes on them.
  • The ‘Thunder’ affix now properly works with Burn weapons
  • Looking for a brobot in Discovery difficulty through the matchmaking while having the game language in French should now work properly

That’s it for this hotfix.

Just to remember you guys, we’re a small team and we have very limited possibilities when it comes to trying out the game on various devices.

It’s also our first ‘large scale deployment’ of a game and we’re still learning the ropes. We will make mistake (and we made some already).

But we’re trying our best to make sure the game is stable, the multiplayer is working and the potential issues stemming from hardware discrepancies are taking care of.

That’s a slower process that both you and us are hoping for, but we’ll hopefully be getting there.

We thank you all for your patience and as you can see from this hotfix, we’re dedicated to make the changes and the fixes as fast as we can.

We wish you all the most awesome robot smashing time!