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Rejoice, honored employees of PhaigeX MegaCorp!

The wait is over! Reinforcements have arrived in the form of 5 new playable ships and 2 new support crafts, to strengthen our forces in the never-ending war against the A.I. menace. Discover new ways to utilize each ship’s arsenal, and come up with more unique play styles!

No need to worry about accessibility! Just one game update away, and the banner is available to you all. As per usual, please use the hard-earned Warp Cores you have been stashing from your prior missions to take a chance in obtaining them.

Before we move on, the people at Engineering and Development still need to introduce the final members of the Pioneer ship banner. You can read up on the previously completed ships from the earlier news threads.


In the continuing quest of understanding how the rogue A.I. takes over decrepit space vessels, a sort of “counter-hacking measure” has been developed in its early stages. Tests proved that the technology is still not good enough to wrestle complete control away from the A.I., but a small step in the right direction can still be made into a disrupting force that can sow chaos in the tightest of enemy formations. Hence, the Oracle ship is born, with state-of-the-art equipment designed to be a maximum annoyance for the enemies as much as possible.

Built for electronic warfare, Its Firewall Buster SP Tech overloads drone systems to self-destruct, while on more sophisticated enemy ships systems, converting them to become ally units. Converted enemy ships will shoot at their own kind, and will take damage for you should you use them as shields. Be careful though, since the Oracle consumes Tech Meter to maintain control over converted units.

And how to gain that meter? It’s starting unique passive, ECM Package constantly emits from the Oracle, providing a wide-range disrupting field that repels drones, and slows down enemy ships to a halt. Keeping enemy ships within the ECM field fuels the meter needed to bust their operating systems!

As a complementary ability for the electronic warfare equipment, the Recon Support optional passive provides bonuses that affect drop rates and improving support craft usage. Sometimes, doing a great support job can help last through tough challenges ahead.

SPS-003 “GARUDA” and SPS-004 “SCARAB”

The Support Crafts this time around were both developed with one thing in mind: “Complete Firepower Control”. These so-called “Support Arms” warps in and provides backup fire as usual, but what makes them special is the Support Actions they offer.

The Support Action Armed Override allows the player ship to dock and combine with the Support Arms, transforming the Support Craft, and activating its expanded arsenal for you to use. Lay down excessive firepower against all that stand in your way!

To differentiate the two Support Arms, the Garuda lays down the thunder with concentrated bullet burst and explosive missiles, and has a Support Action to block energy weapons. The Scarab on the other hand, utilizes a spread of beams and fusion blasts, with a Support Action that repels kinetic weapons.


Tired of the same old ship look? Spice things up with equippable skins obtained from the Transportal! Currently, 3 new skins are available for each player ship (including the new ones) that are color swaps in nature. Keep an eye out on future updates for possible redesigned skins!

Workspace Improvement:
Game View Zoomed Out by 25%

We have receive suggestions to expand the field of view for the gameplay, and now we gladly oblige! Hope this will help have a good look at the area, and react better to enemy movements.

Finally, another roadmap milestone has been completed. We would like to keep a watchful eye for any bugs and issues this update will bring for the meantime, so feel free to try out the game and keep in touch with us with your feedback. We appreciate your continuous support with PhaigeX’s development.

Towards a brighter future,

The PhaigeX MegaCorp.