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Greetings, PhaigeX employees!

We are bringing new updates about the current Roadmap Milestone: The second Player Ship and Support Craft Banner, which we will now call “PIONEER”, following the first “ORIGIN” banner. Another two ships have been successfully developed and customized for combat, that’s now four out of the five player ship target. Only one more ship… and 2 Support Crafts remaining.

The people at Engineering and Development got to inject more of their personal quirks into the design and mechanics of these two units, probably as a result of brainstorming while drunk, but they were able to make the concepts work into interesting weapons of mass destruction. Let’s see what they have in store for us this time.


Someone seem to have had been high on night parties recently, and constructed such a lightshow of a ship. This seemingly fragile-looking ship has the equipment to emit powerful Radiation Waves, or Raves as the young ones call it, to burn and melt down enemy hardware. Too much radiation is bad after all… for the opposition, that is.

The Rave Gamma Blaster SP Tech is very simple to use, a straightforward “turn-on, point and shoot” cone of intense radiation can even make the toughest ships explode from inside just with seconds of exposure. However, maintaining it active as a weapon rapidly drains the Tech Meter, so it should be used smartly. Gotta conserve energy.

Apparently, there’s more to the use of Raves other than just direct exposure. The Diffraction Prism unique weapon serves as a conduit for spreading the Raves even further when the Rave Gamma Blaster is fired at it. Not only that, on higher levels, the prism can also absorb certain energy emission weapons to scatter around as lasers. The spectacle when both happens is quite the sight.

To further strengthen the equipment, the optional unique passive Unstable Overdrive, delves deep on the varying Rave wavelengths (Ravelengths?) and making Raves more powerful and colorful at the same time. It also synergizes with increasing output size for energy emission weapons, making the lightshows even bigger.


Going onto the opposite spectrum from the previous ship, the concept of this unit doesn’t get any simpler: “Just ram the enemies, head-on.”. As a result, a highly-armored, yet surprisingly fast ship has been conceptualized. For the issues that surfaced from the ship being “too heavy to move fast”, the solution also became its weapon: “Explosive Momentum”. Both its SP Tech and Unique Weapon causes the ship to boost forward, gaining enough momentum to ram enemies. This ship is built to become an unstoppable force that breaks through anything that stands in its way.

The built-in Strike Anchor SP Tech does the “striking” part well against drones and missiles, but the real value comes from the “anchor” part hooking onto enemy ships. Grab one with the anchor, and in the next moment, the ship winds itself towards the hooked enemy at ramming speed.

Weaponizing the ship’s massive thrusters, the Explosive Boost unique weapon acts both as a close-range explosive blast and a tool to propel the ship forward at ramming speeds. Use this to compensate for the natural slow speed this unit has, for evasion or for offense.

Lastly, a ramming ship deserves to have a good armor protection, so the Composite Armor unique passive grants the ship a chance to ignore incoming damage, while improving efficiency on other passives that activate when the ship gets hit. Keep on charging forward!

…and that end our small peek into these new ships. Almost done here, just finish one more ship and two Support Crafts, and this update will be released before September ends. We are excited to have you handle these babies soon, the wait won’t be any longer!

Towards a brighter future,

The PhaigeX MegaCorp.