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Madville+ » Roadmap for the next big update

As the feedbacks are coming in, I thought it would be good to write about what the next big update will aim to cover:

– New game modes (or modifiers) to offer sessions that appeal different tastes. I’m not sure what’s the best way to implement this: A simple menu where you can choose different modes (that unlock as you go by?) or just a single modifiers menu where you can adjust multiple variables that can affect the game: like overall difficulty, number of waves(for shorter sessions), enabled or disabled boxing glove, which group of add-ons will be available, etc. Obviously second options is much more customizable, but perhaps a bit overwhelming for a newcomer. Perhaps modifiers that unlock as permament upgrades? I’m still considering what would be a good way to introduce this concept.

The most controversial thing seems to be the boxing glove (and how it reappears in boss fights etc), which I love exactly because of its infuriating nature 😀 It was always in the DNA of the game, from the very beginning. But I understand where people are coming from. Completely getting rid of it (or making the default mode without it) would render some story bits & game dynamics meaningless, thus a modifier menu seems a like good compromise to me.

– Balancing updates & changes on existing guns/add-ons. As some of you pointed out, there are rough edges around some combinations. I’m thankful to everyone who reached and shared their experiences.

– A pre-planned new profession & its related guns. There are 3 pre-planned but unreleased characters, when they’re done, I might continue introducing new ones, but for now I’m going to make sure existing ones are getting even more enjoyable from the lens of replayability.

– Possibly, an endless mode after game ends at level 20. I’m trying to make sure this one is fun before releasing it. There are some challenges I have to solve.

– As expected, bug fixes and other small adjustments.

As usual, let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading!