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Soul Slayer » Road to Demo Version

Dear Soul Slayers,

I hope you had a nice time during Easter. Today I share with you the progress of Soul Slayer. This includes newly created, reworked and improved content and all sort of other mostly graphical things.


  • more Weapons
  • two more Maps
  • more Enemies
  • more Wandering Souls
  • Visuals & Animations
    > many UI elements
    > Mysterious Blessing
    > Lobby Island
    > Player-LevelUp animation
    > Soul Slayer “Aero”
    > Enemy-Defeated animation
    > Enemy-Spawn animation
    > Soul Lord-Defeated animation
  • various game systems
  • many small things & fixes


  • UI elements
  • all kind of enemy visuals
  • all kind of Wandering Souls
  • Lobby Island
  • lots of small things

Current goal is to finish the last visual overhauls and after that I am going to create the trailer for Soul Slayer.

Soul Slayer is in development towards the demo version. More information and images can be found on the Discord Server.

Thanks for reading & take care!
See you in the next post or on discord 🙂

– Niifares

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