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Rive » RIVE Post-Launch Update!

RIVE is now leaner and (slightly less) mean, thanks to you! We listened and tweaked a lot of things you were asking for. Here is the full update log:

Revision 25683.9898
ADD: More health is added each time you die at same checkpoint (max 10 points).
FIX: Checkpoint save delay now default 3 seconds (was 2 seconds) to combat unfair checkpoints.
FIX: Mission 11 pit of death incorrect checkpoint.
FIX: Mission 8 potential pit of death incorrect checkpoint.
FIX: Mission 5 sleeping whales fight missing checkpoint at very end of fight.
FIX: Mission 5 bathtub fight you could get stuck potentially. Not anymore.
FIX: Saving keybindings. (tnx CrunchyBiscuit)
ADD: Rank 1 in leaderboards now also displays total number of entries.
FIX: Borked leaderboards submission/fetch on Linux (and possibly Windows/Mac as well). (tnx [GOL] LiamD)
FIX: (Single Credit) When restarting campaign from ingame menu, while player is still alive, the progress wasn’t properly reset. (tnx +/- Will)
FIX: Don’t remove conversation when conversation is in paused state (e.g., in menu). (tnx +/- Will)
FIX: Potential crash bug in OSX HTTP layer.