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Risk of Rain 2 » Risk of Rain 2 – Seekers of the Storm Dev Diary

Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce the second expansion for Risk of Rain 2: Seekers of the Storm! This reveal took place during the Festival of Gup 10-Year Anniversary Livestream.

Today you’ll hear from our loremaster Kayla Larson, Associate Art Lead Claire Bian, and Managing Director of Production James Lopez. They will give you a first look at the mysterious False Son, first revealed in our announced trailer [LINK].

We’re also introducing day and night variants of maps for the first time. These give players a new way to experience a familiar location, introducing new flavor, specific props, and new areas to explore!

Seekers of the Storm will bring a lot of new content to Risk of Rain 2, such as new Survivors, new levels, new monsters, and more! Keep an eye out for future Dev Thoughts for more information!

Until next time, enjoy the video!