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Rift Rangers » Rift Rangers Update #1!

Hello Rangers!

The first update is here! We’ve got new Rangers you can play! And each Ranger has a unique ability, expanding your repertoire of play styles in Rift Rangers!

Yellow Ranger

The Yellow Ranger has an invincible dash ability that lets you get out of a tight situation, and to move faster from one objective to another.

Blue Ranger

The Blue Ranger can boost all his towers to fire at a significantly faster rate. Perfect for those players that like to bunker down in an area.

Black Ranger

The Black Ranger ignites all bombs on the map, perfect for players who want to be a bit more active in their game play.

We also added a lot of polish to various parts of the game, especially the end game screen! The more Rangers you beat the game with, the more filled out this end game screen will be.

There have been some minor balance adjustments, most notably the range improvement upgrades has been toned down. Omega Tempest had the biggest change, where the range upgrade has been outright removed.

For the next update, we will be adding in more variety to the levels. Each run of the game of the game will have a unique enemy for you to fight. Look forward to it!

We are excited for you to try out the new changes. Come play the update now!