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Riddled Corpses » Riddled Corpses Update version 1.0.2

–Added new elements suggested by the community and fixed some bugs.

–bug fixes–
– six lives

Fixed a bug that allowed to have more than 6 extra lives , this only it affected in stages 2-6

-sound options

above, sound options, to turn off the sounds, was listened to the sounds of gunfire and some explosions. is now fixed

-double shoot

now use gamepad or mouse
previously, you could shoot with the gamepad and mouse same time, taking double shot. -_-


-fixed the problem that crashes the game in survival mode and arcade mode in pause screen.

–improvements and changes–


-the word “zombi wave” of HUD has changed “zombie wave”
-again translated game texts and achievements to english.thanks Jesse! 😀

-remove hud

This addition is very suggested by the community. Now you can remove the HUD by pressing the H key or “select button” on your gamepad.

-dynamite and midboss

Now when you use the dynamite,this erase all normal enemies and 500HP will be absorbed to midboss.