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Riddled Corpses » Riddled Corpses Update version 1.0.1

I have been reading many opinions and suggestions to improve the game, I like to improve and refine the game, fix bugs or add more interesting things.

–bug fixes–
-Online highscore tabs

there is a small error that leaves only the best player and not the other 9 players remaining, the top10
highscore online now work properly.

-F12 screenshoot

key to send screenshoots to steam server and share with friends.
key f12 for screenshoots of steam now work properly.

-Player name

the player’s name will appear in the statistics appearing in upgrade stats menu.

-Error achievement

bugs fixed with an achievement

–improvements and changes–
-Select stage menu

Now you can select the stages in arcade mode. only need finish the previous stage.
you can only select the stage 1 to 5
to get the best score, you must start from the stage1.

-enemy spawn

enemies sometimes appear above the player, attack your life or part of your life energy, from now on you can destroy coffins if you’re above them, so do not kill you unjustly.

-jon easy leveling

jon levels requires 50% less gold

-gamepad buttons

Now you can use the LB / LT & RB / RT buttons on your gamepad to use special skills.

-survival mid boss

Now in the first waves only appear the easiest enemies.