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Returnal » Returnal – March 9th Patch is Now Available

Greeting from Atropos!

We have a new update today that aims to reduce stuttering and fix a number of crashes, alongside some other general fixes.

Break the cycle on PC and find the full March 9th patch notes below!

– Neil


  • Multiple optimisation improvements to reduce stuttering on CPUs with fewer than 8 cores.
  • Updated PSO system to reduce stuttering when Ray Tracing is enabled.
  • Fixed crash that can occur when finding or using translocators.
  • Fixed crash that can occur during various combat or high particle effect situations.
  • Enabled Intel’s XeSS screen scaling technology on non-Intel hardware.
  • Fixed blocker that can occur when killing the Typhonops and using a Reconstructor.
  • Fixed 3840×1600 resolutions not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed Steam overlay run time being out of sync with in-game cycle time.
  • Optimised installation process to reduce file size.

We’re continuing to read through your feedback and are working on further performance improvements for a future patch, along with a fix for Translocators sometimes not registering and a number of fixes to the Co-Op experience.