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Returnal » Returnal – February 17th Patch is Now Available

Welcome to Atropos!

We are honoured to have so many new players experiencing our dark, deep and beautiful action thriller, Returnal!

Bringing Returnal to PC and capturing that PlayStation 5 experience took a lot of work and focus from the team at Climax Studios, with support from Housemarque and XDEV. We have been blown away and are so thankful for the amazing reviews, feedback and reports you have shared with us so far.

We have continued to work on Returnal since launch, monitoring your feedback and will continue to work on patch updates to support the game ahead.

Break the cycle on PC and find our February 17th patch notes below!

– Neil


  • Fix for rare issue with music stopping during Biome entry
  • Fix for certain Ultrawide monitor setups not being detected in Full Screen
  • Fix for incorrectly detecting the Windows resolution on first boot
  • Fix for grass draw distance on Epic Particle settings
  • Fix for PSN Sign in time outs
  • Fix for Benchmark results rounding error

If you’re experiencing a black screen instead of the opening cinematic, please ensure your Windows is up to date, including the VP9 Video Extension that comes bundled with Windows 10 and later.

We’re already hard at work on the next patch which will include performance improvements and a fix to correctly display at 3840×1600 resolution.