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Solar Survivors » Return to Kedoshim

Stage 1 is back! Return to the sands of Kedoshim, not seen since ancient times (the beta a few months ago). Travel to this desert planet, known for its anti-matter mines, in order to purify the rebel army.

Patch Notes v0.5

New content

  • Stage 1 is back with improved level and boss design.
  • The Codex loadout has been added. It focuses on EXP manipulation and triggering powerful effects on level up. Unlock a new passive, a legendary, and equipment.
  • Add more equipment to your star fighter’s motherboard with an additional, unlockable PCIe slot.


  • Stage 2 has been reduced from 16 to 15 minutes to match Stage 1.
  • Stage 2 now needs to be unlocked, either by clearing Stage 1 or earning enough Stage EXP to reach bonus level 5.
  • Minibosses will now get bored and slowly walk away. The intent is to make the game easier for defensive builds and playstyles. Previously, if you don’t burst down a miniboss, they’ll stick on the screen for the rest of time and become overwhelming. Now, they’ll eventually leave the screen but won’t drop any loot.
  • Items in the shop you can’t afford are now sorted below items you can afford.


  • Reduced the overall DPS of the Spread weapons, but improved the final upgrade of Spread Invert.
  • Doubled the base damage of Heatseeker Omega. This is one of my favorite items – setting up combos to proc the effect as often as possible feels great, but is actually trash DPS. This should fix that.