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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth » Repentance 1.7.9b

– The Cantripped! challenge now only spawns active item cards, item cards can be swapped out when picking up new cards when all card slots are already full
– Tainted Cain now has the same starting stats as Cain (increased damage and reduced range)
– Salvaging Tainted Cain’s active item no longer spawns special drops in special rooms (such as secret rooms)
– The fire aura granted by Breath of Life + Judas’ Birthright no longer destroys projectiles
– Adjusted the active to passive item ratio from TMTRAINER from 1/2 to 1/4
– Glitch items can no longer destroy Cathedral light beams, ending chests and challenge trophies
– Enemies respawned by the D7 no longer drop loot when killed if they were champions and no longer grant score in daily runs
– Great Gideon’s crawlspace no longer appears in the Ascent (as it crashed the game when entered)
– Expansion Pack can no longer trigger the Glowing Hourglass
– Items in the Death Certificate area now spawn as “option” items similarly to items in Boss Rush and Angel rooms – the player is automatically returned to the main floor whenever picking up an item would cause other items in the room to disappear
– Added rubber banding to Star of Bethlehem – it now moves faster off screen when the player is ahead of it along the path to the boss room and slows down if the player is lagging behind
– Star of Bethlehem now moves towards Mega Satan’s room in the Chest and the Dark Room if its door was unlocked
– Vanishing Twin is now shared by both of Tainted Lazarus’ forms – this also fixes several bugs that occur when flipping while Vanishing Twin is copying a boss
– Spindown Dice is now available in challenges and daily runs, items that are tagged to never appear in those modes are considered locked and will be skipped over
– Bag of Crafting is now available in challenges and daily runs, as well as when playing as Tainted Lost
– Bag of Crafting now obeys changes to item availability such as challenges, daily runs and Tainted Lost’s adjusted item pools and will not craft items that cannot be normally obtained
– Death Certificate now ignores changes to item availability caused by items or characters (i.e. Tainted Lost or Sacred Orb) and will only refrain from spawning items locked behind achievements or current game rules (challenges or daily runs)
– Added new co-op babies
– Updated some of Eden’s hair styles
– Updated a few item qualities
– Updated localization files

– Fixed a crash that could occur when firing large amounts of Haemolacria shots with laser attacks
– Fixed a crash caused by killing Siren while she has control of Lil Delirium
– Fixed reward plates crashing the game when attempting to spawn enemies in Home
– Fixed devil room doors and other temporary doors leaving an invisible door with an invalid state behind when removed (this could cause crashes with certain items such as Mr. Me)
– Fixed dying from taking a devil deal sometimes displaying the wrong portrait on the game over screen
– Fixed enemies attempting to pathfind through Bomb Grimaces and Quake Grimaces
– Fixed We Need to go Deeper/Mom’s Shovel being unable to create crawlspaces with Car Battery
– Fixed item pedestals duplicated by Crooked Penny forgetting their option group, allowing all duplicated options to be picked up
– Fixed instant death when turning into Keeper using Clicker while having 2 or more broken hearts
– Fixed instant death when Esau Jr. grants Heartbreak when used as Keeper
– Fixed Tainted Lazarus becoming intangible when using Flip with Car Battery and Birthright
– Fixed The Empress? not applying its speed decrease as intended
– Fixed The Empress? not tracking HP overflow correctly, removing more hearts than intended upon wearing off in certain situations
– Fixed The High Priestess being able to target Dark Esau and Blood Puppy
– Fixed Tooth and Nail not ticking while Isaac is holding an item above his head (this could be abused for near-infinite invincibility)
– Fixed Tooth and Nail not removing its invincibility effect until the room is left if the item is dropped or destroyed
– Fixed the Broken Modem sometimes causing enemies to remain frozen forever if the item is dropped or destroyed when enemies are present in the room
– Fixed the Book of Shadows visually giving wings to Isaac when he also has Jupiter
– Fixed items gained through full run reroll effects (such as D4) not contributing towards transformations
– Fixed transformation progress not being properly decreased when holding several copies of the same passive item and losing one or more
– Fixed active items losing their transformation progress when crafting a new one as Tainted Cain
– Fixed active items losing their transformation progress when dropping them with Butter!
– Fixed not being able to shoot or interact after using a pill while flying during the Mega Mush effect
– Fixed a softlock that could occur when saving and resuming a run while picking up Dad’s Note
– Fixed being able to use Soul of Isaac on Dad’s Note
– Fixed Trisagion effects lingering when combined with Lachryphagy or Angelic Prism
– Fixed Star of Bethlehem not entering special boss rooms in the Blue Womb and Corpse II
– Fixed the D10 being able to devolve permanently charmed enemies
– Fixed the Book of Revelations replacing Mother’s boss room with Death in the Red Redemption challenge
– Fixed Chub, C.H.A.D. and Carrion Queen missing their body segments when spawned by Delirious
– Fixed Technology 2’s laser persisting when changing form as the Forgotten or when it is removed/rerolled
– Fixed Cursed Eye only allowing the Forgotten to charge up to 4 attacks rather than the intended 5
– Fixed a softlock caused by using Clicker or reviving from Lazarus’ Rags as Tainted Forgotten while his body is in a location that would be inaccessible without flight
– Fixed Lilith being able to shoot tears normally when using the Glowing Hourglass after reviving as a different character
– Fixed the Glowing Hourglass not losing its uses when used in the Beast fight and behaving like an infinitely reusable teleport
– Fixed the Glowing Hourglass not losing its uses when rewinding to a state where it is inside Moving Box
– Fixed the Glowing Hourglass triggering effects that normally trigger at the start of a new level when rewinding back to a previous level
– Fixed Twisted Pair entering a bugged state when rewinding with the Glowing Hourglass or starting a victory lap
– Fixed Guppy’s Eye incorrectly predicting item drops from shopkeepers
– Fixed enemies rarely spawning behind rocks in certain challenge room/Greed mode waves
– Fixed a minor hitch in the loop of The Lamb’s fight theme
– Fixed The Sad Onion’s costume not appearing on most characters

Modding changes
– Added extra safety checks to prevent crashing on startup after disabling mods that contain custom characters or items
– Fixed a crash when resuming a run that was stopped while in the temporary room created by the goto command
– Fixed not being able to register more than one MC_PRE_PLAYER_COLLISION callback
– Added a new debug flag (14) which displays Lua memory usage as a graph
– Added a dedicated memory pool for use by Lua scripts (this should prevent issues with loading sounds and textures when many large mods are loaded at the same time)
– Moved all callback related logic to Lua (this should improve performance when many callbacks are registered)
– Added Isaac.RunCallback(callbackId, entityId, …), runs all functions tied to the given callback and entityId (entityId can be nil for callbacks that do not depend on specific entity types)
– Isaac.AddCallback, Isaac.RemoveCallback and Isaac.RunCallback now accept any value as a callback ID, even non-numeric values such as strings, this may be used by mods to define custom callbacks for other mods to use
– The full list of changes can be found here: