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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth » Repentance 1.7.9a

– Reduced the chance of Baby Plum being struck by a ballistic missile on death to 0.0001% (was 100%)
– Increased the maximum damage dealt by Cube Baby when pushed
– Added special interactions with the Book of Virtues and Judas’ Birthright when executing a perfect block with Breath of Life
– Breath of Life no longer wastes a charge if released after being fully charged by clearing a room
– Breath of Life now has a more intuitive interaction with the Battery
– Flying enemies will now be teleported to accessible positions if rerolled into non-flying enemies by the D10
– Sanguine Bond will now immediately spawn its spikes in the middle of the room when picked up in a Devil Room
– Added unique drops to Corpse polyps
– Added a proper death portrait for the Mausoleum door
– Renamed the “Glowing Hour Glass” to “Glowing Hourglass”
– Updated a few item qualities
– Updated localization files

– Fixed the game failing to start on Windows 7
– Fixed Cube Baby moving in the wrong direction when thrown using Mom’s Bracelet (for real this time)
– Fixed Cube Baby spinning while held with Mom’s Bracelet
– Fixed exchanging active items in the Death Certificate area not kicking the player back to the main floor
– Fixed Mega Satan’s door being able to spawn in the Death Certificate area if Death Certificate was used in the Chest or the Dark Room
– Fixed The Fool crashing the game or not teleporting the player to the correct room when used in the Death Certificate area
– Fixed a crash caused by using Breath of Life with Butter!
– Fixed Breath of Life setting Bethany’s soul heart counter to zero
– Fixed Breath of Life sometimes providing infinite invincibility while remaining in contact with an enemy
– Fixed the D10 being able to affect Delirium when transformed into certain bosses
– Fixed several enemies not being correctly devolved by the D10
– Fixed D10 wisps rerolling hit enemies into random enemies instead of devolving them
– Fixed the D Infinity still causing the D10 full screen animation to play
– Fixed Glowing Hourglass infinitely regaining uses when traveling between floors
– Fixed Glowing Hourglass uses not decrementing when used with the ‘M trinket
– Fixed Glowing Hourglass uses not decrementing when reverting Tainted Lazarus to his other form
– Fixed Glowing Hourglass uses resetting when swapped between Jacob & Esau
– Fixed Void not always losing its charge when mimicking Glowing Hourglass with Schoolbag
– Fixed Genesis allowing challenges and daily runs to continue beyond their intended goal
– Fixed Tainted Forgotten’s items not being rerolled by dice rooms if they were triggered by Tainted Soul
– Fixed Tainted Forgotten not gaining damage increases from Sanguine Bond
– Fixed not being able to buy items surrounded by spikes from A Pound of Flesh while invincible
– Fixed backdrop graphics for L rooms not loading properly in the Womb
– Fixed a couple of room layout issues in the Catacombs and Gehenna

Modding changes
– Devolution entries can now be added to elements in entities2.xml to make modded enemies compatible with the D10, syntax is (ex: )
– Devolution entries are randomly picked according to the room’s seed if more than one entry is present (enemies of the same type in the same room will always devolve into the same entity)
– Devolution ID follows room layout rules, i.e. 999 is used instead of 1000 for effect entities, 1000 and higher are used for grid entities, allowing certain enemies to be rerolled into rocks or other obstacles
– Added MC_PRE_ENTITY_DEVOLVE(Entity) callback for more complex custom behavior, returning true overrides default behavior
– Added HUD:Update(), HUD:PostUpdate() and HUD:Render()
– Added missing enums to TearFlags, SeedEffect and SoundEffect