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Relic Dudes » Relic Dudes – Patch v0.5

Greetings, players!

As promised, version 0.5 is finally here! It’s been 4 months of hard work creating new assets, new systems, and more content. We decided that releasing all the new content at once is a better way to handle updates for several reasons:
1 – It’s easier to fix bugs when you already have all the systems in place and know that you won’t be changing certain parts all the time.
2 – It provides a better experience for returning players to have a few extra hours of gameplay, rather than receiving a few minutes of new content every week.

We intend to continue with this way of working, releasing fewer but better updates for the game. We hope you understand.

Now let’s talk about some new things! Some of the highlights of this version are:

A new map with a new mechanic that changes the player’s speed depending on the surface they are on (water slows you down, and we plan to add more surfaces like this in the future):

Several new monsters that will appear on this new map depending on the tier you play in:

Reroll system, very useful in cases where you get 3 summon upgrades and you’re not building that, and similar situations:

Bosses now belong to specific maps, making the player’s experience less confusing:

Among various other things that have been modified and fixed.

If you’re still curious, here are the patch notes for this version:
– Added a brand new map with brand new monsters and a new player-slow mechanic.
– Added map selection to the lobby creation panel.
– Changed Server List to display the map name.
– Fixed experience not increasing at high levels.
– Added a reroll system with 3 free rerolls.
– Fixed a bug in the “Ocarina” fairy’s biobomb damage.
– Changed character selection to show locked characters.
– Changed gamepad crosshair, increased distance for more precision.
– Changed lobby scene to display the current map’s name.
– Fixed “Shield” relic; it was getting zero cooldown and becoming permanent.
– Fixed homing projectiles attempting to shoot non-hittable monsters.
– Changed “Endless” mode, added new monsters.
– Changed bosses; Vampire will now appear in map 1, and Werewolf in map 2.
– Changed first map; Improved the appearance.
– Fixed a level-up bug where it would not display when leveling up too fast.
– Changed “Xana” sprites to fix bad pixels.
– Changed “Werewolf” boss wolves; they will now blink when hit.