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Relic Dudes » Relic Dudes 0.4 – Patch Notes

– Added a new unlockable character after winning a game on any tier.
– Added a Werewolf boss and a new tier (tier 6) with it.
– Added a “Play Again” button after winning/losing a match.
– Added “Endless” mode leaderboard, other leaderboards may come in future patches.
– Added a message when the host left the game.
– Added “Achenar Studios” and “Sad Socket” intro scenes.
– Fixed “Refresh List” button outline thickness on lobbies list to be in pair with other UI elements.
– Fixed “Lobbies List” slot spacing.
– Fixed some monsters spritesheets with dead pixels.
– Fixed end game panel UI sizes/alignment.
– Fixed UI tooltip stats not showing proper data.
– Fixed “Upgrades UI” not showing the correct button on Xbox Controllers.
– Fixed music on Lobby scene when playing again.
– Fixed “End Game panel” sprites overlapping the clickable area.
– Fixed some summon errors.
– Fixed popups style to be in pair with other UI elements.
– Fixed music volume when the game starts.
– Fixed “R.O.B-07” homing projectile, now it won’t focus the shark when it is burrowed.
– Changed “Turret” relic -> buffed initial damage and damage scale.
– Changed “Biobomb” relic -> now it works on both fairy and cupid.
– Changed “Mrs. Jennette” start relic -> “Shrapnel Bullet”.
– Changed mini boss -> buffed attack speed and bullet speed.