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Relic Dudes » Relic Dudes 0.3 – Patch Notes

– Added 4 new relics, being one for each relic category.
– Added a grow effect for popups (like the “new tier unlocked” popup).
– Added “Victory”, “Defeat”, “Tier Unlock” sounds.
– Added new sounds for “Vampire” boss attacks.
– Added a small outline for things that weren’t shown properly, like the vampire bat projectile.
– Added a red line showing the vampire shooting attack trajectory.
– Changed XP multiplier, is now based on stages and gives +25% XP scale for each player in the game, this provides a better balancing and helps prevent the player becoming unkillable due to level 1000+.
– Changed “Endless” mode, shark now spawns before ghasts.
– Changed Shark monster, now it gives damage per second instead of burst damage when getting out of the ground in a higher area, has more life and more damage, fixed spike particles.
– Changed Tier System, big rework with changes on waves/hordes/monsters on each tier.
– Changed “Vampire” boss, now it won’t repeat attacks and now it’s HP increases based on tier.
– Changed “Gillman” miniboss, increased mass, hp and shooting speed.
– Changed “Vampire’s Bat Summon”, decreased HP.
– Changed “Vampire Mask” relic, now it has a fixed stackable heal amount instead of using percentages (heal = relics amount), now it also takes advantage of “Holy Water” relic to increase the heal.
– Changed “Health Potion” collectable, now it heals to the max health.
– Changed “Ocarina” and “Crosier” relics, now they have bigger cooldowns and heal less.
– Changed “Holy Water” relic, decreased heal scale from 15% to 10%.
– Changed “Thunder Hammer” relic, now it won’t damage players/summons, increased default duration from 2.5s to 5s.
– Changed “Collar” relic, increased relic stat/scale from 5 to 10.
– Changed “Tidbit” relic, increased relic stat/scale from 5 to 15.
– Changed “Biobomb” relic, decreased relic stat/scale from 50 to 20.
– Changed “Hourglass” relic, decreased relic stat/scale from 20% to 10% cooldown reduction.
– Changed “Bone” relic, relic timer decreased from 15 to 5, damage decreased from 20 to 5, hp decreased from 60 to 50, move speed scale decreased from 40 to 30, scale damage decreased from 20 to 5, hp from 30 to 10.
– Changed yellow exp gem, now it’s bigger and gives more exp.
– Changed all exp gems shadow scale/positioning to look better.
– Changed some relics, they got a rework on the tier.
– Changed relics tier color, legendary is now yellow instead of orange.
– Fixed Main Menu music some times not playing upon starting the game.
– Fixed a bug where the Main Menu music would stop playing/have it’s volume lowered when leaving a lobby after the game was just started.
– Fixed summons still taking damage from TNT and Attack Areas in general.
– Fixed Shark monster being pushed by summons.
– Fixed end game particles draw layer.
– Fixed player being able to move, shoot and take damage even after the game ends.
– Fixed a bug where the dog summon would continue to give damage to the boss even after it stops touching it.
– Fixed an event and FPS inconsistency on animations.
– Fixed some non-relevant errors.

Also, there is probably some other minor changes that were forgotten.