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Relic Dudes » Relic Dudes 0.2.0 – Patch Notes

– Added Endless/Infinite game mode.
– Added a miniboss that appears on Default mode.
– Added missing lights effects to bullets (vampire, turret and monster projectiles).
– Added green light to Fairy from Ocarina so it won’t be seen as a monster.
– Added current tier to game scene so players know which tier they’re playing.
– Added a notification when you unlock a new tier, as most players didn’t knew there was more than 1 tier.
– Added partial gamepad support (Xbox/PS controllers, but should work some generic ones too).
– Changed lobby tier to skull icons instead of numbers to be more visible.
– Fixed In-Game button margins to prevent text getting out of the buttons.
– Fixed Relic descriptions, Ice Gem was showing the wrong value, Berserk and Holy Water was not setting the stats properly and Powder Bag was not showing the color codes correctly,
– Fixed Upgrades UI in front of “Wave Start” UI.
– Fixed Lobby UI bug where sometimes it would place one player in front of another.
– Fixed some localization issues with some UI elements.
– Fixed a bug when the host leaves during game causing the game to freeze.