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Rift Loopers » Release Prep

Hello Loopers!

We are ready to launch 1.0 tomorrow and pushing out a few final tweaks and QOL improvements. Remember its the last chance to pick up the Founder’s Pack DLC for FREE!

The Founder’s Pack DLC will remain free until 1.0 so get it now and get bug hunting!

What to expect after 1.0
We will be working the next few weeks on any high priority bugs but we already have plans for more content coming this summer, including more enemies, bosses, powerups and a new character!

Keep sharing your ideas on the forums and discord on what you want to see for the future of Rift Loopers!

Patch Notes

  • Level up screen will now show current abilities and their levels
  • Crosshair will now become invisible when gamepad is detected
  • Player Health is now shown above characters by default – this can be hidden in options
  • Stashes in the map now have outlines when additional outlines are turned on
  • Friendly HUD now shows friendly icons
  • Ability Mod UI updated
  • Lobby VFX added when loading characters
  • UI markers are no longer removed on death
  • Medic base heal reduced by 50%

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