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Slash or Die » Release of SOD2 + My Birthday = Good mood !!!

Hi everyone!
I’m a young, but soon 30-year-old indie developer.

On the agenda, I have two grand events:
1. Release of the new game (Slash or Die 2)
2. My birthday
In this regard … I would like to talk about my work and thank everyone.
Since we are all friends here, I do not want to write a story officially!
Can I?
Thank you))))

Let’s go!
The way to indie-dev originates from the game Slash or Die.
I had high hopes for this game. I left a good position of a manager, work for 14-16 hours a day”looking only at the monitor screen”.
And you know what? It was the best thing I did in my life.
I just did it.

I have tried many creative professions: I wrote music, poetry, learned to draw, rapped, opened the YouTube channel.
But nothing had last more than half a year.

And here, I feel that finally I can sit for 15 hours at the computer and at the same time say that I’m working))))))
Although it is killing the health totally. So DO NOT REPEAT – Fatal…

And here after two years from the moment of the beginning of my way.
Such projects have seen the light as:

SOD – No comments

EvilMorph – A game in the same universe with SOD, but we play for not quite a good hero, but simply help a less bad one to return his throne.

TailWind – The game that appeared thanks to my wife. She told me: “How log can you do hardcore only, do something nice for once …”, and I made a story about a very coward prince who went on a trip on a ship to gain courage and find his love.

And of course SOD2 – No comments, but I will say so “I left all the best from the first part, and revised and improved everything that was not best”.

The task of almost any game is to get from point A to point B.
The question arises: “How will the player do so and which mechanics will he use?”
So, as I have an engineering mentality, I try to put new gameplay chips into each new game. This is exactly what I’m working on first.
Many people will say that this is wrong. This is their opinion!)
The ideal game is when aesthetics, mechanics, technology and history give a whole picture.
In large projects the whole team is working on it – Writers, artists, etc.
And when you start alone – do what you can do best!

If you put your heart in the project and believe in it, you can “put others on fire”.
During 2 years of work I built up a team.
I’d like to thank following guys:
Artist – Pavel Shakhov.
Translator – Korobov Nikita.
Musician – HateBit.

And thanks to everyone who plays my games! I make them for you!
Happy Birthday to me! And Happy Birthday Slash or Die 2!
I look forward to receive your feedback and comments!