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Rogue Shift » Release Notes – v1.0.9 [Healing overhaul + inventory changes + balance + fixes]

Healing overhaul

  • Healing now works the same way across all game modes.
  • You can buy or find Nano-Meds and keep them in your inventory in all modes.
  • You can see how many you have in the HUD, and use the indicated Heal button to use one to heal yourself.
  • The auto-heal feature still works before: a Nano-Med will automatically be used from you inventory to prevent a death-blow, but the healing amount will be reduced (penalty).

Inventory consistency

  • Your inventory and the inventory UI now works the same way across all game modes.
  • Your inventory now has limited space in Final Stand and Escape modes, just like Story mode. You can extend the capacity by buying Nano-storage items from the shop and via the Optimized Storage Perk.
  • Due the the changes in the healing system, the inventory across all modes is purely informational now. You cannot do anything there.


  • There were some discrepancies between the loot distribution settings for single-zone vs. multi-zone Final Stand maps. The settings have been tweaked up/down slightly so that they match for all maps.
  • Weapon “recoil” aim deviation over time is now more exaggerated so that there is a more noticeable difference between low accuracy weapons and high accuracy weapons.
  • Character aiming accuracy has been reduced overall, but the Combat stat boosts the accuracy more than before. This gives more of a noticeable distinction between a high-combat character and low-combat character’s ability to aim accurately.


  • The “Auto” mods for Blast, Dome and Daze, will now activate even if your shield has taken the hit entirely without your health taking a hit.
  • The between-wave timer has been increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds. You can of course still skip the countdown when you’re ready for the next wave.


  • Power Cells can now be bought in the shop in Final Stand mode to refill your shield, just like the other game modes.
  • Correctly reset the tutorial messages when you do a Reset Tutorial from the story mode menu.