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Rogue Shift » Release Notes – v1.0.8 [Perks + balance + fixes]

New Perks

  • Sensible Saver – At the start of each wave, earn 5% interest on your Credits if your balance is below 3000 (Final Stand and Escape modes).
  • Gun For Hire – Earn 50 Credits at the end of each enemy wave.
  • Shop Hacker – Get a 5% discount at shops and a 5% chance to pay nothing at all.


  • Fixed an issue with the traversable pipe in Story Chapter 3, which cause your character to get stuck if you attempted to interact with the far end of the pipe.
  • Fixed exploit – after initiating a reload, you could quickly swap to another weapon and back to avoid the reload delay.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the hint about co-op spare lives (“slive” -> “alive”).


  • Weapon buff: Hammer (spread fire). It now fires 5 projectiles instead of 4. This gives it a DPS that is significantly higher than the Vengeance, and you get the same total damage out of one energy clip (400). Also, with the spread shot including 5 projectiles, there is now a central projectile that goes where you aim.


  • Improved animated visual effect for energy bridges so that it doesn’t look like terrible placeholder art.