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Rogue Shift » Release Notes – v1.0.5 [QoL + fixes]


  • Shift ability (a.k.a. blink) – you can no longer Shift into insta-kill destinations such as into lava, through a laser gate or off a cliff. It might still be possible to fall off a cliff if you Shift extremely close to the edge onto a steep slope.
  • XP progress toward your character’s next level is now shown in the level bar – this applies to the HUD, the in-game character screen and the pre-game character select screen.
  • Ammo items (Ballistic Cartridge, Heavy Ballistic Cartridge, Energy Cartridge, Rockets, Fuel) now include a list of weapons to which they apply, shown in the first line of the description.
  • Sand Bugs (small enemies) will no longer avoid the Scorcher flames when they are close to you and you are spraying flames over their heads.
  • Weapon upgrades can now be done by clicking the upgrade tile (type/level), instead of first clicking the tile and then clicking a separate upgrade button.
  • Moved the shop terminal in the first zone of Edge of Doom (Final Stand and Escape modes) so that you don’t accidentally run into the exit teleporter on your way to buy stuff at the end of the wave.


  • Pyro Perk – now renamed to Napalm – fire damage bonus is now 25% instead of 10%.


  • In the weapon upgrades area (UI), now correctly changing the color of the upgrade status text, instead of the description text, based on the upgrade availability at each level/type.