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Champion Shift » Release Notes for Update 0.4.4

Greetings Champions!
We have done a few updates to Champion Shift during this last week and we’ll continue to do so in this upcoming week, to iron out all the bugs and fixes we have identified, in large part to the community and their feedback. We appreciate it immensely! Although there’s been two minor version updates since, we’re going to consolidate the changes in this post, and we’ll work harder to maintain more precise release notes with each update of the Prologue build. 🙂 Here are some of the recent changes and fixes:

  • An initial version of graphic settings was introduced and now players can choose from three quality settings. We are detecting your video card to predict what setting is best, but feel free to adjust if framerate is an issue. In future updates, expect better framerates in all categories, as performance optimizations is a continual process.
  • Game balance for enemies was addressed, with a smoother start and a more challenging experience in later stages.
  • Added a new boss encounter in stage 4, and as we continue to add new boss encounters we’ll revise the current ones to maintain parity. A new enemy type was also added to the Desert stage.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy teleporting where it caused unnecessary flickering. This is still a work on progress to be able to spread out enemies as best as possible among all players in co-op.
  • Various UI fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with Achievements where even though the unlock was granted, the list of completed Achievements wouldn’t update properly.
  • Introduced a fix to minimize players teleporting through the ground when dashing into bigger enemies.
  • An optimization was made in the auto attack logic for enemies, which should improve performance a bit when large amounts of enemy soldiers are on screen.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause players to not be able to load the game due to some database dependencies not being present.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial stage dialogue would not load properly on lower end PCs.
  • And a ton more small fixes and improvements!

Of note, we are aware of a small subset of players which are having trouble launching the game, we are investigating and will upload fixes asap. We are also aware of update download size issues, and are aiming to reduce it as much as possible in the next few weeks. As always, be sure to drop in our Discord and give us your feedback or to report any issues found. See you guys soon and thanks for playing!

– The SRG Team