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Paper Planet » Release Hotfix r16992

  • (Hopefully) fixed achievements not being achieved on Steam when earned in-game.
  • Made drone bay drag scale with Shot Speed.
  • Reduced Karmai’s maximum firerate from +150% to +100%.
  • Made Karmai’s spinning laser attack space out its yellow shots more evenly.
  • Slightly increased the size of the player’s shadow object.
  • Increased the height of bullet masks on fires.
  • Made Tidal Wave’s bullet blue.
  • Made Ancient Dial’s bullet pink.
  • Changed Ancient Dial to fire at the nearest enemy instead of straight up.
  • Changed Castle Crusher to give 2x piercing and 2.5x damage on the 3rd shot and gave it a sword sprite.
  • Changed Concentrated Malice to block one shot each zone as well as damaging all enemies, Concentrated Malice is now a cursed item.
  • Increased the pull strength and radius of Singularity Generator.
  • Changed Banana’s force calculation to make it less likely to fly offscreen or onto the planet.
  • Gave the Reflector and Tanker enemies a limit on how fast they can shoot bullets. The Reflector and Tanker now scale off of the Spice of Dakka.
  • Turret Buddy, Turret Bullets, and Ancient Dial will now update their aiming appropriately upon gaining and losing Bullet Teleporter.