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Paper Planet » Release Hotfix r16906

Hey hey, Karl here. Thank you for a wonderful launch! I’ve tried to fix all of the bugs (that I could track down) that were reported today, while Will took some (much needed) rest. There is a lot of work ahead, but for now, it’s relaxation time. Now, have some bug fixes.

  • Re-added updated Japanese and Korean translations.
  • Added dynamic translation credits to credits screen.
  • Fixed Steam achievements not getting earned until you close the game.
  • Fixed pausing, unpausing by hitting the “Resume” button, then winning or losing and returning to the main menu, and then pressing back, causing problems. Crazy.
  • Fixed pressing back not closing unlock announcements.
  • Fixed Karmai’s looping laser sounds getting stuck if you died while they were playing.
  • (Hopefully) Fixed Farewell to Bitrate unlock requirements.
  • The bonus generic item will now appear second when purchasing items in the shop.

If you encounter any bugs, please consider joining our Discord to report them and interact directly with us – it usually results in the bug getting fixed that same day, or at least, it puts it on our radar quickly.