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Novi Cube » RELEASE DAY!

This last update before release, unfortunately, sees no major content updates, so I could fully commit to bug fixing and balancing issues.

I hope everyone who reads this will have a great time with Novi Cube! I will try my best to keep updates coming as time will progress. I definitely want to bring more content and if you have any ideas for the game, do not hesitate to tell me in the Steam Discussions.


– Fixed that the HP of bosses is shown after they died
– Tweaked physics of black holes and homing projectiles
– Fixed a bug where laser would grow infinitely large
– Fixed the upgrade limitation that would also bug out the tooltip of upgrades
– Buffed the shotgun upgrade to have more projectiles
– There is a win streak counter now
– Renamed the projectile size upgrades to make them more accurate to the ball size value
– Fixed the bug where small projectiles can go out of bounds
– The achievement to get Dr.Hex was changed to fit into the newer version of the game
– It is more likely to get Golden Bonus Upgrades now

Thanks to everyone for making the release of Novi Cube possible, especially all the testers who helped to iron out any problems we encountered during development!