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Westale: Peelgrimage » Regular Update for Dec.28th

Thank you for your support and attention to Westale: Peelgrimage. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. As Christmas passes, we will be removing the Christmas Special decorations in the field. The following are contents for this update:

New Contents

1. Added talent “Charm of Discard”. After learning it, player can skip selection when level up.
2. Added animation for item “Soul Essence” and talent “New Life”.

Optimization of Functions

1. Reduced the lagging issue when experience is too much in the field.
2. Increased the prayer beads circling speed of “Young Monk”, “Tripitaka” and “Candana”.
3. Increased the auto damage of “Sandi”, “Sand Monk” and “The Golden” and enhanced the skill of “Sand Monk”.
4. Adjusted the reset count from +1 to +2.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where “Firestorm Roller” and “Firestorm Roller EX” cannot attack normally.
2. Fixed an issue where “Brazier of Eight Trigrams” may still appear randomly even having exclusive relics.
3. Fixed an issue where the red dot of talent does not disappear after clicking the talent.
4. Fixed an incorrect display issue of relics information.
5. Fixed an issue where “Flaming Xingtian” does not release fire during transformation.
6. Fixed an issue of being able to transform at the beginning of level up.
7. Adjusted the text of “Iron Pickaxe”, “Golden Pickaxe”, “Adamantite Pickaxe” and “Adamantite Pickaxe EX”.
8. Fixed an incorrect English translation of some talents.
9. Fixed an issue where the prayer beads of “Sand Monk” did not disappear when it transform.
10. Fixed a display issue of the “Treasure Bowl” when transform to sneak.
11. Fixed an issue where player can kill Boss instantly with “Hardening Pill”.
12. Fixed an issue where the screen would continue flicker due to eating “Hardening Pill” when injured.
13. Fixed an issue where “Brush” weapon will be automatically used when using a roulette of luck.