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Razerwire: Nanowars » Razerwire is back!

I did let Razerwire rest for quite a while, didn’t we? You guys liked it and played it for now almost three years (HOLY CRAP!), and it’s quite some times that we play with the idea that Razerwire needs some more love.
And this is the first step! First of all, I now updated the game to the latest unity build, making sure that it’s using the most recent drivers and technology.
Then I fixed some usability issues with the menus, mouse cursor and saves. And now…well, what comes next I can’t spoil yet, but I am fairly sure that you will appreciate it!
Until then, if any problem, please don’t hesitate to write in the forum, the Wire is back!


  • Ported the game to the latest unity build and fixed related issues
  • Locked cursor on screen for multidisplay setups
  • Improved navigation of the upgrades menu for mouse and pad
  • Stabilized usage of settings menu (for both pad and mouse)
  • Fixed a minor bug that restored a deleted saved if not overwritten right away