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R-Type Final 2 » R-Type Final 2.5, Stage Pass 3, and DLC Set 7 released

R-Type Final 2 – August Update Summary

Granzella held their recent livestream on July 29th where they revealed some major updates about the anticipated R-Type Final 3 release, which will now be known as the R-Type Final 2.5 update, and will be delivered to you in multiple major updates. Read on for all the details below!

Granzella Livestream

Stage Pass Volume 3 + DLC Set 7
  1. Stage Pass Volume 3 and DLC Set 7 are available now!
  2. DLC Set 7 includes 2 Homage stages
    • Stage Z1.0 – On a Shining Green Planet
    • Stage Z2.0 – Deep Sea Ruins

R-Type Final 2.5 Update Summary
  1. Stage 5.1 & Stage R1.0
  2. More ships available + 1 Kickstarter Backer exclusive
  3. More difficulty settings
  4. More customization with Pilot & War Record
  5. Customize R’s Museum background
  6. More color options for player ships (excluding Bydo)
  7. New gallery images added + requirements
  8. Album storage doubled
  9. Additional customization for decals
  10. Bonus resources and R-points granted dependent on pilot’s costume
  11. R-Type Final 2.5 title screen added
  12. and more!

Content coming in later updates
  1. Online rankings
  2. Viewing Forces in R’s Museum
  3. Additional elements and planned quality of life updates

In the mean time, we hope you enjoy Stage Pass Volume 3, DLC Set 7, and the new content in R-Type Final 2.5!

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