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Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate » Quickpatch: v1.343 Changelog

Hi there!

Here’s a new batch of fixes for all of you Shotgun Royalties!


  • [GFX] new shotguns have their own sfx and graphics in interface
  • [ERGO] You can now read unlock conditions for locked shotguns in the shotgun selection screen
  • [FIX] fixed Theocracy + Ravenous Rats + Undead Rats “Happy Hopping Rook” bug
  • [FIX] fixed Sawed-off + Unjust Decree soft lock
  • [FIX] “MMMMH DELICIEUX !” achievement is now fixed
  • [FIX] zombie pawns won’t spawn on fresh backup squares or boss anymore
  • [FIX] Bodyguards protect big king as expected
  • [FIX] Cannonball won’t affect high focus anymore
  • [FIX] Legacy modes won’t crash the client if loaded on a modded game
  • [FIX] spacebar now triggers force-feeding

Once again thank you for your patience! We’re very happy to see that you seem to enjoy the big update!!
-PUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞