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Touhou Library Survivors » Quick Patch

Hello, here is a quick update that scores some easy-wins based on your feedback, and what I have observed lurking in all your streams! There will be some chunkier updates in the future that add more content, but I wanted to address some of the low-hanging fruit.

Daiyousei. The gang’s all here! There is a chance that Daiyousei will show up instead of Rumia.

Day Selection. When selecting your starting Spell Card, you can now cycle through the week and pick any Spell Card you want. If you do match the day, such as Sun Sign on a Sunday, the Spell Card will gain 10% damage. This is to keep the theming with how Patchy organises her magic without it being frustrating if you don’t like today’s choices.

Upgrade Communication. The upgrade screen now shows how many of your Spell Card slots you have filled (this total includes Triggers). And Critical Chance is always shown on stat blocks even when it is the default.

Simplified Background. Added the ability to downgrade the graphics for lower end machines. This was actually stealth patched on 15/10/2022 but no official update was given.