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Nova Drift » Quantum Protocol x Nova Drift Crossover

I’m proud to announce a collaboration with Quantum Protocol, another crafty indie game by a fellow solo developer, jkong. We teamed up to bring you a unique 16-card Quantum Protocol deck that features Nova Drift pixel art created by me.

The Nova Drift collab introduces the new nova archetype to Quantum Protocol! Familiar ships and mods take on a new form, reimagined as Quantum Protocol cards. Deploy ships to the board and play mod cards on them to create your own unique combination of effects. Stack damage mods for powerful offense, or load up on defensive mods to protect your other cards. Or maybe focus on setting up the almighty Leviathan! The Nova Drift cards are full of unique mechanics that make the archetype feel completely unique.

If you’re not familiar with it, Quantum Protocol is a fascinating game, blending roguelike, card drafting, and puzzle mechanics into something new, all wrapped in an anime visual novel. I’ve never played anything quite like it, and that’s not something I get to say often!

Quantum Protocol has had amazing crossovers in the past with amazing indie titles like One Step From Eden, Cross Code, and Vault of the Void, all of which also have a playable deck.

Eventually, in the end-game, the Nova Drift pack can be mixed and matched with all of the other decks, exploding the deck building possibilities. The pack comes free with the base game, and has just been released. Quantum Protocol is a true labor of love, but it’s also very challenging. If that sounds like your bag, I urge you to give it a try!

What’s Next for Nova Drift?

The only real obstacle to full-releasing the game is creating the final boss, and the game’s ending, so that we can finally allow “Endless” mode to be (optionally) disabled. However, there’s still polish that we’d like to add before we call the game complete. We’d like to make at least one more update before we tackle the ending. Here are some of the things we’re considering addressing next:

  • Body Gear: Viper redesign
  • Ignite and Burn overhaul / simplification
  • Flak love
  • Additional polish for underperforming and overperforming Mods and combos
  • Additional ease-of-access settings, such as press-to-toggle firing
  • Something secret…

Discord Upgraded! Come Hang

We’ve got quite an active discord with a very chill and inclusive community. The dev team is also pretty active there. We recently opened up some new channels like #weekly-discussion, #ask-the-devs, and #feedback. The latter allows you to submit feedback to a bot that lets players upvote or downvote the suggestion. I’m also quite proud of the #game-dev-help channel, which is a space for current and aspiring developers to learn and collaborate. So… come chat with us!

Want to help Nova Drift grow?

Steam Reviews really help! As a tiny operation, Nova Drift relies on its quality and reputation to sell, and reviews encourage the Steam algorithms to show the game to more people. Please do take a moment to fill out a short review, even if it’s only a few words. It just might make a big difference.

Thanks for reading. Best wishes,