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An Ankou » Quality of Life V0.5.1

New Features:

  • The second music track (music of Noz-Ha-Deiz) is now in its complete and glorious state with live recordings of violin!
  • The in game pause menu now features a character sheets with all stats
  • A lot of items now have a far more precise description of the bonus they give per level / max
  • Leaving a game and deleting a game now trigger a confirmation dialog box
  • The Harvesting UI now show additional information (how many resources remain, how much you can carry, how much you have)
  • The Crafting Wheel has been completely overhauled
  • All upgradeable items are grouped in a parent category (Upgrades) : weapon, pieces of armor and spirits
  • Alchemy subcategory has been moved in the tools parent category
  • All weapon subcategories have been removed and weapons have been grouped (accessible weapons and how you can gain them will be changed in a future update)
  • You can now cancel a craft at the cost of 1 resource (always of the first type of the recipe)
  • Some Attack VFX have been added on Undeads and Spitters
  • The in game interface show all armor slots, even empty ones.
  • Items ready to be upgraded (weapons, spirits, armors) now all show a plus symbol on the new inventory UI
  • Threat barrier aspect has been improved and you now have to actively interact with it to pass through (and raise the threat level)
  • You have to interact with the barrier of Blue Arenas to leave them. No more risk of leaving by accident.
  • Spirits are now orbiting your character as blue balls of light when you run and appear automatically as soon as you stop.

Balance Changes:

  • Ker Koad has been modified to have an Altar right next to the starting point
  • Players are now forced to choose a Spirit at the first altar of their first game
  • Some tutorial steps have been removed
  • You can now craft a Cursed Soul from 3 regular Soul
  • Darkness difficulty modifier for Arenas has been significantly increased
  • Ring of the Backpacker has been nerfed to grant only quarter of an heart when lucky instead of half an heart

Fixes :

  • Mouse do not trigger the interface anymore while the controller is used
  • The invincible undeads appearing at the dawn of day in Noz-Ha-Deiz are no more.

Pfew! That was a lot of work. We’re sorry for those who were waiting for the rebindable controls, better menus, or some other features they consider major, but we had to make choices. Our primary goal was to make the game easier to learn and more fluid and enjoyable. We are aware there is still a lot to do, but don’t worry it will come with time.


Starting November 20, 2023, we’re introducing a price adjustment to 7.99 EUR/USD, ensuring we can continue bringing you new updates. We also have to slightly delay the Sailor Update.

We will also have to modify the rest of our planning to account for unforeseen circumstances impacting the life of our humble sized indie game studio.

We want to be upfront about these changes because you all deserve the honesty and transparency you’ve shown us.

Your support means the world. Your engagement has guided us in prioritizing changes to make the game even better during the last months. Seriously, you rock! Keep those feedback gems coming; they’ve been invaluable.

Let’s continue this journey together, and don’t hesitate to invite more players to join in on the fun!