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Sue Shi Survival » Quality of Life, Balance and Bug Fixes!

Hey everyone, just a few updates today based on recent feedback.

  • Rerolling no longer has a chance to show you the same upgrades, unless no others are available
  • When entering a hatch at the end of a floor, all pickups on screen such as xp orbs and metal fragments will now come to you, automatically collecting them.
  • Fixed an issue causing Starfish’s shadows to render below Founder structures
  • Fixed an issue where auto-attack would continue to swing at bosses while they played their death animation
  • Fixed an issue where bosses still damaged structures during their death animations
  • Buffed Feline Essence – The 9 lives you receive now refresh on every floor
  • Increased the health of all Founder structures

Hope you enjoy! We look forward to hearing any other feedback you might have.