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Test Lab Inc. » Put on your dancing shoes!

Hello Everyone, we’re back again with our last update for December, it doesn’t have a lot of new content as we had to split our time between creating new stuff and setting up localization, but it still brings some new cool stuff, including a brand new boss encounter, so check it out!

New Enemy: Lance-A-Lot

This enemy is having some issues with his sensors, so it can’t really target the player directly with his spinning charge attack, but don’t be fooled, even if its aim is a little off, it will still hurt you if you get on its path.

Shuffled Enemies Location

Aiming at bringing a greater variety for each expedition run and using our increasing number of unique enemies, we’ve changed around the possible pool of enemy spawns on each unique map, so now there is no map with the same exact enemies, there will still be some overlap, but no two maps have the exact same combination of enemies now. Along with that we’ve created new forms of the special waves that will spawn different enemies. Soo look forward for a little more variety when running your expeditions now.

New Boss: Man O’ War

You thought only the player could spam projectiles to destroy everything on screen? This new boss will offer a new challenge that will require precise movements to dance around his endless barrages of shots to get away unscathed triumph over another big robot on this brand new Boss Encounter that can be encountered at the end of your runs.

Portuguese Localization

The game is now also available in Brazilian Portuguese, making the game accessible for more people. And with that we’ve now done most of the legwork required to localize the game for other languages (besides needing to translate every piece of text for the target languages), while we don’t have an immediate plan to translate the game for more languages just yet, it’s something we’re open to explore on the future.

That’s all for this update, with the end of year festivities and everything going on we won’t be able to ship our next update on the two week schedule we’ve had going, so expect to hear more from us early next year, we don’t have an exact date planned yet, but as soon as we have more cool stuff to deliver, we’ll make it readily available!

We wish everyone great holidays, and we’ll see you again next year!
The Test Lab Inc. Team