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Bounty of One » Public Beta Update: Taking on the Necromancer’s Pact

Hello Fellow Outlaws

First off, As always, thank you for all your feedback, they are incredibly important for us to move in the right direction!

Second, We also want to give a big shout-out to the fearless players who faced the Necromancer’s Pact in the Private Beta. We applaud your bravery as you battled your way to higher infamy levels.🫡

As you might have read in our last news, Bounty of One’s development is coming to an and we won’t push the new updates on the main branch of the game until release (we want to make sure, everything is ready for it). You will however be able to test out the new things we’ve added on the public beta when we update it or even sooner if you decide to take part in the private beta.
Be that as it may, if you wish to keep the surprise for the full release, here is a…


The Necromancers Pact

Giving you more options to get stronger would not be fun without a challenge to overcome. That’s why we decided to revamp the Infamy system. Basically, from level 0 to 10, your experience will be similar to the current state of the game. After Infamy 10 is where the real fun begins however, from here on out, you will be introduced to the Necromancer’s Pact!

In this menu, you’ll be able to choose the difficulty you inflict upon yourself and things will quickly get out of hand with some crazy run modifiers. Some examples may include:
– Increase the number of foes trying to catch you by 30/60/100%
– The drop rate of hearts is reduced by 50/75/90/95/100%
– etc.

Get ready to face Infamy difficulties well above the current level 18.

The New Super Black Market

➸ Fist of all, The Super Black Market won’t stand in your way of achieving these awesome achievements and scores in the game.

To allow for that, we rebalanced it a bit since it previous version was a bit over the top otherwise, it will still be way stronger than the normal black market but not in a way that trivializes the game. Here are some modifiers that are included include:
– Enemies have 5/10/15/20/25/30% chance of dropping coins twice
– Mythic upgrades have a very low chance of appearing in level up choices.
– etc.

Don’t worry, the new Super Black Market will have your back as soon as you clear Infamy 11.
Those two steps should allow for a more delightful experience overall. It doesn’t trivialize the game, but it provides exciting challenges and lets high-score achievers show off their talents.

How to join the public beta:

1 – You need to right-click on Bounty of One in your Steam library and select Properties.

2 – Go to the Betas tab.

3 – And choose the public-beta option from the drop-down menu.

4 – You will then be able to download and play the latest version of the game in advance.

Please keep in mind that this is a beta version, which means that it may have some bugs and issues that we are still working on and some things might change with the release.
We would love to hear your feedback and bug reports, so feel free to leave us a comment or join our Discord server.

But that’s not all! We also have some amazing things planned for you in future updates. We are adding one more boss and many objects and features to Bounty of One soon.
As well as some special events coming for you next month.