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Psionic Awake » “Psionic Awake”is available now!

Hello everyone! “Psionic Awake” is finally released!

Let me briefly introduce the current version’s contents:
Unlike the previous DEMO, we have added an new map “Little Pony Planet”. The new different map also have unique gameplay features, including the “Tavern” and “Stable”. Guess what they are used for? XD
In addition, we have two new “rookie” characters, “Guang Du Du” and “Li Xia”, making their debut. “Li Xia” is our biggest star!! Oh, and not forget about their awakening abilities, “Invention Workshop” and “Wish Come True (Summoning the dragon)”.
Moreover, there are also many mysterious treasures and partners waiting to be discovered and explored on the map.

Join our discord for more!

Finally, DEV would like to say a few words: this game has been updated 60 times during the 4 months from the first demo until today. Now the game is released, updates will continue to be made, but the frequency will decrease a bit, to reduce some bugs. Thanks to all the players, streamers, Uploaders, and our publisher INDIECN ! Thanks for all the support!