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Psionic Awake » Psionic Awake is now scheduled! See you on May 5!

Psionic Awake has finally confirmed when the sneak preview will open.
The game will be released as a sneak preview on Steam on May 5, 2023, with a debut price of 22, then 20% off!

The EA version will have:
2 maps, 4 heroes, 13 companions.
Tower defence section: collect wood to build walls, manually position soldiers, multiple turrets to block monster attack routes.
Exploration section: collect wood, stones, crystals, treasures, spires, altars. Each demon lord has immobile skills.
The battle section: 4 heroes, partners go out to fight together, and the ponies can output on their horses.

Finally, thank you all for your support and patience.
Your understanding and encouragement is my greatest motivation 😀

If you are interested in the game, feel free to add it to your wish list 😀