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LineHold » Progress Update – Turrets and Mech Bay

Greetings Guardians!

It’s Friday 13th so why won’t you use some turrets to protect yourself!

Today we take a look at three turrets in Line Hold and how they work. Also we will take a quick peek at Mech Bay in Hub area.

There are Double Bolt Turrets that shoot nearest enemy – high fire rate and bullets have a small knockback effect that is very effective against lighter enemies.

Thumer Towers damage all enemies nearby – making them very useful in chokepoints and against swarms of smaller enemies.

Laser focus turrets target a single enemy. The longer they stay on one target – the more damage they deal over time, making them perfect for more tanky enemies.
And as you can see – there will be dedicated part of the Hub called Mech Bay that will help you test out different turrets.

It will be possible to set target priority for all turrets to make sure to maximize their effectiveness.


Getting ready for updating visuals of the game and testing multiplayer.

Add Line Hold to your Wishlist! & stay tuned for our the next update!

Best Regards,
Line Hold Dev Team