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LineHold » Progress Update – MULTIPLAYER!

Greetings Guardians!

Today we announce multiplayer! After all, it’s Christmas season, so connect with other people!

It will be possible to play Line Hold up to 4 players! Each one of you can pick different class or the same one, it’s up to you.

Every player will have their own resources (money, ammunition and blocker segments) that they can share with other player. And everybody will be able to place the buildings in the Building Phase.

As long as at least one player stays alive in survival mode, all of you come back after the enemy wave is defeated.


We are still improving the graphics and generally polishing the look of the game. Adding multiplayer means a lot of changes for the mechanics and the balance.

Add Line Hold to your Wishlist! & stay tuned for our the next update!

Best Regards,
Line Hold Dev Team