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LineHold » Progress Update – HUB Overview

Greetings Guardians!

Let’s take a look at the HUB Area! You will be able to visit it between missions to test new weapons, turrets, discovered enemies and more.

In the central part of the HUB is the command center where you can select available missions (which will be added as the game is being developed).
You will be able to select your starting gear; meaning weapons and available buildings.

In the Laboratory you will be able to tweak your Perk Tree (described in more detail in previous post) and also see some info about discovered enemies.

In Mech Bay you will be able to see all unlocked turrets and test their abilities in safe environment – also more details in previous post.

And last but not least – Shooting Range; here you will be able to test out your gear. Shoot away, the ammo is on the house! Read this post to see examples of some weapons in Line Hold


Focusing mostly on multiplayer features and survival maps. We will have some exciting news in the next post so stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Line Hold Dev Team