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Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde » Progress Report 7

ːmb2sparkː Greetings Spirit Hunters! ːmb2sparkː

It’s been a busy month since our last big update. We are hard at work on wrapping up the final characters, zones and core features of the game. Here is an update to talk about what’s coming next. Content Patch 8 is going to be a big one that adds a lot of new features and updates to the game prior to the 1.0 release.

The last major system we are adding to the game for 1.0 is the Ledger. The Ledger is a book that will have a number of interesting stats on your playthrough. It will have medals for winning zones and lots of Ledger challenges. Each of the 8 heroes will have 10 unique challenges across the different zones. More details coming soon.

The last 2 heroes will be in Content Patch 8

The crazy miner will be the best resource farmer in the game due to his unique passive and Hero Abilities.

The miniboss traitor will be the highest damage dealer, but also the most challenging due to her evil passive.

2 new zones with unique gameplay are on the way.

This is the 3rd and most challenging zone found in the Desert map. It will feature the scorpions and some new environment and enemy gameplay.

This will be on its own new map and the 9th and final zone featuring the mysterious final boss of the game and the source of the spirit horde.

We also have a ton of quality-of-life updates, balance changes, more languages, new achievements, bug fixes and other features that will be included in this update. More info is to come in the patch notes. This will be the last major content patch prior to the 1.0 release of Spirit Hunters.

After content patch 8, we will be increasing the price of Spirit Hunters. Due to increasing development costs from all the new content we have been adding, localization and console porting, the low $5 price point is no longer profitable for our team. An increase in price will help Spirit Hunters remain financially viable into the future. This will take affect a couple of days after content patch 8, so new players can still get all the new content at the current lower price. This of course wont affect anyone who has already purchased the game.

As always thanks for all the support. If you are enjoying the game and the updates, please take a moment to leave a positive review. Thanks!

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