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Hyperhell » Pride/Tracey Brakes update

Tracey Brakes joins the Hyperhell roster as our first post release new character!
Armed with a comically large scythe and a grapple hook, she can be unlocked by getting a 20x combo during a run, or with cheats by Pressing 1 and 9 at the same time on the main menu (this unlocks everything!)

Showcase vid:

-New character: Tracey Brakes
4 HP, 4SPD
= ability: grappling hook – hold rmb to pull yourself towards walls or to pull enemies towards you
+ start with giant scythe, scythe is slow but instantly recharges swing when you kill an enemy with it
– no gun pickups

-Added new FPS minigame in satan’s megamansion, with a cameo from Lillith Walker/Bunlith, the lead developer of Bloodborne PSX/Bloodborne Kart! She was super fun to work with, shoutout to her, go play her games they’re also free >:)

-Two new starter weapons, DJ Re:Code now starts with a deagle and Folie now starts with an Uzi

-Some slight boss nerfs, mostly notably made reagan periodically lower his speed to rest which should make him easier to hit

-Multiple possible boss arena spawns per stage, should hopefully lead to more varied boss fights

-Two new minibosses, Booster Bruce and Fallen Angel

-Various QOL, such as:
Grungo buff (base heat lowered to 0)
Way more spawn points,
Abyss arena is a bit bigger,
Takes longer to pick up common guns while holding a rare gun,
More im forgetting, probably